Sunday, February 04, 2007

Free shipping!

"Every barrier she ever chafed at was just a Chinese finger lock that opened instantly when she stopped pulling." (The Echo Maker: A Novel, by Richard Powers)

Yes, more purses. I have updated my new etsy shop so there is more selection there for any of your shoppers out there. And, as a special introductory offer, just for all you lovely people who are so kind as to read this blog, I will offer free shipping on any item in my shop (yes, even you international people!) Just leave me a comment or email me at: and let me know what item you're interested in, and I can arrange to edit the listing for free shipping.

Thanks for all the positive comments about the new shop. I'm excited--although nothing has sold yet! Really, I'm just testing the waters with online sales. Meanwhile, I'm trying to make enough purses to be able to have a booth at a craft fair next fall. My inventory keeps growing!

Meanwhile, I had two creative ideas in the shower last night (does anyone else have these "aha!" moments in the shower like I do? I used to write all the leads to my stories there!) for some special Easter-themed felted items. To be continued...

I'm heading out to the Post Office now to mail my Pink and Brown swap package. Today is the deadline, and my partner was Selena of Apron Thrift Girl. I hope she likes the things I've sent here. This little flower is just a hint... (And there's one in the etsy shop, too!)
Hope everyone is having a good week and staying warm. It's been subzero here for days but we Chicagoans are die-hards. Just put on another scarf and pretend like it's any other day.


Lucy said...

I'm sure Selena will love everything you are sending her. You have exquisite taste!

As far as me helping you with the techie stuff..oh don't want to go there. I about destroyed my blog the other nite. I guess I'll have to wait until they update the template to say "insert banner to to save". That's the kind of code I like (and can handle)! LOL


Sue said...

Lucky Selena!

What a great offer on your purses, Heidi! They look great -- what a great accomplishment. :-)

And yes, I have lots of aha! moments in the shower, too. I'm glad I'm not the only one!

Rae said...

I so admire your creativity! You sound like you truly enjoy the crafting, knitting, sewing, felting, and thrifting. You have a knack!

linda t said...

I can do it all!
I am so impressed with your creativity... wow!

linda t said...

Oh my gosh... I meant to say YOU can do it all!
YOU are one amazing gal!!!

amanda bel said...

Those bags are great! I made a buch of sweater bags like that too before the holidays, and I wanted to know if your sewing machine (and washing machine) are having heart attacks from all that felt (I know mine are)! You're etsy shop looks lovely, I just wanted to say hello!