Tuesday, February 20, 2007

P&B Swap: What I sent

"I see my light come shining, from the west unto the east. Any day now, any day now, I shall be released." (Bob Dylan)

This is kind of belated, but Selena at Apron Thrift Girl did receive my package and posted my goodies. I took pictures before I mailed it too, so here they are. The craft supplies were some XO ribbon, some bias tape seam binding, and a pink cross stitch napkin. I found tons of stuff at the thrift shop, including that really cute dish towel with pink and brown candies on it (above) and a little leather-like jewelry box.

I also found two pink and brown turtlenecks: one in hopefully a Selena size, and one for her daughter.

A few extra little goodies: chocolate candy hearts, a Shirley Temple DVD, a Japanese mug with Sweet and Spicy Tea.

And, of course, my handmade item was a recycled wool sweater purse and flower!

My two non-relative Etsy customers have posted their purchases. Check out the cute felted flower pin bought by Chic Chick. Then today I learned I won her blogversary giveaway of a cool painting (which I was drawn to because it features my signature motif: the spiral). How lucky can I get?
My first Etsy customer to buy a purse was Eran at This Vintage Chica, and she posted her purchase, too. She and I are hoping to go thrifting together one day soon, since she only lives an hour north of Chicago. But we'll have to do it soon, as she's moving in late spring. She also just started her own Etsy shop, where she sells vintage items. Funny thing: She has a bunch of cute pink and brown stuff (tablecloth, fabric, apron to die for!).
Oh, and my own Etsy shop has been updated with another new purse and three new felt flowers.


Sue said...

That looks like so much fun. I just took part in my first swap ever, so I know the anticipation involved in both the giving and the receiving. Very fun.
(p.s. I’m only a few hours north of Chicago – we really should say hello sometime when I am there to visit – which is hopefully soon!)

Jenmomof4 said...

HI, I just perused all your blogs You sure are busy!! I will keep checking back to see how your adoption is going.

Rebecca said...

I so wish I had been your P&B swap partner! I love that purse. Thank you again for sending me my own flower pin. I love it! I know we sometimes have issues with our emails getting through so I hope you got the thank you email I sent last week. :)