Saturday, February 17, 2007

Pink and brown love

Stopping is a spiritual art. It is the refuge where we drink life in. (Sue Monk Kidd, Firstlight)

First a note about the quote above: Most people know Sue Monk Kidd through her fiction: the bestsellers The Secret Life of Bees and more recently The Mermaid Chair. But I first became a fan through her non fiction, which is just as deep and thought-provoking, if not more. I highly recommend The Dance of the Dissident Daughter and When the Heart Waits (especially if you're in or approaching midlife). This new collection of her early inspirational writings (mostly from Guideposts magazine) is also good. Btw, I also had the pleasure of interviewing her for U.S. Catholic a few years ago (read that interview here) and she was extremely nice!

Now, on to the pink and brown love I received this week from Selena, better known as Apron Thrift Girl. Look at all that sweetness! You will notice she was a little heavy on the pink, which suits me just fine. I must tell you that I was PMSing when I opened this box and was overcome with joy to see chocolate and other sweets (pink grapefuit Mentos!) in there because I was having a craving and there was nothing sweet in the house.

Some highlights: This incredibly cute hand-felted (from roving?), hand-stitched book where I can keep track of my "Thrifted Finds." This is so cool. I would love to know how she made it. As readers of her blog know, Selena is always in the thrift stores and she found me some amazing things: that lovely crocheted rose potholder (matches these!), recipe cards from Current (I used to sell these as a kid), and a hand-stitched table runner.

I had to laugh when she sent me pink and brown bias tape, because I sent her the same thing. She also included some vintage brown buttons. But the best ( you can see it in the background) is a pink floral Vera scarf! I've just started collecting a few Vera pieces and am so excited to be able to add to my collection.
Am I forgetting anything? Oh, yes, the cute pink mugs, the pink and brown nail file, the heart-shaped pink and brown playing cards, some paper dolls, a pink flowered paper tablecloth. Serena, thank you so much for your generosity. It was fun being swap partners.


Heidi said...

-Squeal!- on the Vera scarf! What fun. I love that little Thrifted Finds book, too, and the crocheted rose potholder. Lovely package!

Lucy said...

Ohhh, great package! Starting a thrifted journal is a great idea, a place to put your found treasures and your wanna find treasures :) It's adorable as are the other goodies.

Rae said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I love how pink and brown go so well together. Lovely gifts!

Sue said...

What a great package you received! Everything is so lovely and suits you so well.

Miz Smoochie Lips said...

That's a bunch of p&b goodies! This swap was so fun :)