Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Remember you are dust, and unto dust you shall return." (Ash Wednesday blessing, Genesis 3:19)

So I am exactly one week late with my Ash Wednesday post, but it's been a pretty crazy week. I have so much going on at work these days, that I've been working 10-plus hours every day. It's very tiring. But I am about to take a 5-day vacation to my parents' place in Phoenix, so I am looking forward to relaxing, sitting by the pool, catching up on blog reading, and knitting!

When I read about Annie hosting 40 Days for Others, a Lenten knit-for-charity project, I was all over it. Knitting and Lent: perfect. I usually don't give up much for Lent. We already don't eat that much meat, so going meatless is not that much of a sacrifice.

Instead, I try to do something. This year I joined our parish faith sharing group and my husband became the sponsor for a guy going through RCIA. And he and I committed to reading the Book of Samuel (because that is the name we have chosen for our adoptive son. See a small little positive update on my adoption blog.)

So I also decided to knit for charity this Lent. I plan to use some of my wool and wool blend stash to make mitten, hat and scarf sets for the homeless women at this cool shelter in Chicago. Here's my first set (one mitten still needs a flower--pattern here). I've started my second set already. There are so many charity knitting and crafting projects out there, and crafters seem to be so generous.

Finally, because I know someone's going to ask for it, yes, you can buy the pattern for the knitted Jesus here.


Lucy said...

Heidi, you are generous all throughout the year--and this latest endeavor shows us once again how kind hearted you are :)

I'm sure whoever receives your sets will be blessed by your generousity.

Ann said...

What a lovely set. Those are some lucky recipients you'll have there. Good on you!

Anonymous said...

Dear Heidi, yes the one with the stars and the pink binding (on the top of the picture) were the ones that I sent to Knitting for China. The weather is going to be high 70's and maybe 80's by the time you get here. Yea! Love the Lenten blog ideas. Love, Mom

Sarah and Jack said...

I presume the title means what would Jesus knit, and if it does, that makes me laugh!

Sue said...

I love the knitted Jesus ~ that’s delightful. On the topic, do you think it would be appropriate to give a knitted Holy Family to a 2nd grader who is going to receive her First Communion in May? We don’t know her personally, but are praying for her as she prepares (we took her card of the stack of cards of first communicants asking for prayers in our parish). Your scarf, hat and mittens set is great, Heidi ~ I know your kindness and generosity will be returned to you in unimaginable and glorious ways.
Also, I love the name Samuel ~ I will be praying for you and your family.

VictoriaE said...

That knitted Jesus is too good!

VictoriaE said...

And Samuel is such a nice name.