Monday, February 12, 2007

X-C Skiing

"Silence somehow reaches to the root of our human problem.... Words help to strengthen the illusions with which we surround, protect, and comfort ourselves; without silence, we will not get any closer to knowing who we are before God." (Rowan Williams, Where God Happens)

I just returned from a super relaxing weekend at my parents' house in Wisconsin. They were away downhill skiing with my sister and her family at Mont Tremblant in Montreal. Ed and I are watching our pennies, so we skipped that trip and instead hung out at my parents', went cross-country skiing and walked across the frozen lake. It was so nice to get out of the city and just kick back and relax. My parents gave us cross country skis last year and this was the first chance we got to try them out. I also did some knitting and will share that later this week. Hint: it's something felted... and pink!

I also spent a considerable amount of time (when not watching this and this on TMC and AMC)--both coincidentally with a theme of being trapped) catching up on blog reading. So much lovely creativity out there:

:: These adorable groundhog cupcakes at Felt Mouse. I'll have to remember those for next year.

:: This cute Valentine quilt block with buttons

:: This creative felt box from Applehead. Might make a nice Easter basket. I have a few Eastery ideas in mind already. One involves a bunny.

:: Two books I'm adding to my wish list: Heart Felt Wool Applique by Lorinda Lie and Knitted flowers by Nicky Epstein

Finally, two announcements:

:: The instructions for Made for China are up on Kidding Around's website. I've signed up to make a blanket. I've also learned that this blogger lives in the same Chicago suburb as my sister. So who knows, I may deliver my blanket in person.

:: I sold two items from my etsy shop! (OK, so one was to my aunt but still...) My husband has convinced me that my price for the purses is too high, especially as I am a new seller. So I've dropped my price to more closely match what I've been selling them to my friends for--$32. But I'm going to say the free shipping ends Feb. 15.

I'll have a Valentine's post soon and then will share the loot from my Pink and Brown Swap!


Rae said...

Lovely weekend!

My DH is suffering from no snow. He invested in full ski gear last year, enjoyed every little snowfall we got (a few), and this year has been terribly disappointed to have NO SNOW to ski on. ~sigh~

Looking forward to the knitting pics. ;)

Jenny said...

That looks peaceful, what a great get-away idea!

Sue said...

I'm so glad to hear that you and your husband had a lovely time in Wisconsin! I imagine you have plenty of snow today, too. Ugh.

Can't wait to see the knitting pictures and to see your loot. :-)