Tuesday, March 20, 2007

In the mail

"Our grand business in life is not to see what lies dimly at a distance but to do what lies clearly at hand." (Thomas Carlyle)
I have been very remiss in acknowledging some wonderful gifts I've received through the mail lately. This cool collage (with the quote I repeated above) is the work of this talented blogger (She also bought one of my felt posies in my etsy shop--which has gotten a bit bare lately thanks to several recent sales.) Seems like everyone is doing cool collages these days. This was her blogging anniversary giveaway (Don't worry: I haven't forgotten about mine. Winner to be announced tomorrow because my husband is at a hockey game tonight and he's supposed to draw the winning name!)

I must have been having a lucky streak because I also won a little gift from Paper and String. (Not pictured: a little felt heart). She does a giveaway almost every week, I think. What a great idea, although I'm not organized enough for that. I really like the way she packages her stuff and has her "branded" logo all over everything. I'm just finally ordering some cloth labels to put in my purses and other things I'm selling. Baby steps.

Also, I ordered some earrings from earrings from Mary Ann. She was doing a fundraiser for cancer research, so not only was it a good cause, but I got two cool pair of earrings. And generous soul that she is, she included a matching necklace. Thank you, Mary Ann. She is a cancer survivor herself, and of course our family has been touched by cancer lately (hasn't nearly everyone's?). My father-in-law has survived esophageal cancer and my cousin's daughter beat a rare cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma. We're so grateful they're both healthy now.

Another last-minute gift in the mail (no photo yet) is some cute Smurf fabric from VaxGirl (that link shows it. It's so cute and pink!) I commented that I liked it (because my last name allegedly means "Smurf" in German--though my research librarian sister disputes that), and she offered to send it to me. How sweet.

What goes around, comes around. I read that Barb is collecting strawberry fabric for an all-strawberry quilt she's planning, so I sent off a nice piece I scored at the thrift shop recently. She asked me what she could send in return (and I haven't replied to her email yet) but the answer is ties with sports team logos on them. This is a hint about my new project!


Anonymous said...

No, no, no. "Schlumpf" DOES equal "Smurf"--I'm not disputing that. What it doesn't mean is troll, dwarf, or any other kind of mythical forest-dwelling creature. Thanks for blogging so I can keep up with what's new with you. :) And thanks for being a great listener on the phone the other day.--amy

Donna said...

I love that saying! Great collage too.

deb said...

Wow - lucky you Heidi! Lots of fun stuff. I really love Joy's collage!

Lucy said...

Ohhhhh luck you with all the happy mail!! Love the colors in the collage, very soothing!

Thanks for linking up my collage too, :) I just posted my 100th post and highlighted my giveaway. (hard to believe it's a 100 posts already!) Part of it is still a work in progres...hehehe. :)