Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Pink and green

"What we love to do we find time to do." (John Lancaster Spaulding)

First of all, thanks for all of the positive feedback on my last post about PayPerPost. I shouldn't be surprised that all of you are also horrified at this latest development. Anyway, get ready for a bunch of pictures: I love, love, love this little baby blanket I made for Made for China.

I made this blanket out scraps of--what else?--recycled felted sweaters. I used a few different sage-y greens and some off-white, which I zig-zagged together. Then on the off-white pieces, I embroidered some pink and green flowers using these lazy daisy patterns here.

Here are some close-ups of the emboidery. I kind of just free-handed it. Wouldn't want it to look too perfect and not hand-made! I love pink and green together. My plan was to do the nursery in pink and green, but then the linens I picked out from Pottery Barn got discontinued. (That's what happens when it takes two years to get your child.) Now that we're getting a son first, the nursery is just sage green with a gingham/toile pattern.

Hey, speaking of pink and green, I joined the next swap organized by Rebecca and Lucy. They're calling their swaps Sweet Goodness. This one has a pink and green theme. Looks like I'm matched with two people: Rebecca herself and Nancy (though the link says Jenn?)

You can see here that the backing is some popcorn-type off-white chenille, which actually wasn't as soft as I would have liked for a baby blanket. Then I used satin blanket binding in a soft pink. My mom always points out that babies like to rub that on their faces because it's so soft, but I had a hard time zig-zagging it on. Next time I'd handstitch it, I think.

Unfortunately, neither of my swap partners will be getting this lovely blanket, as it's on its way to China along with hundreds of other donations from generous crafters. I had this dream that when we go to get Sophie she will have this very blanket in her crib. A long shot, I know, but technially possible!
In other swap news, I also signed up for a pincushion swap, hosted by Tiff, since I really need a pincushion. Again, I have two partners: Crystal is making for me; and I will make for Tiff.

** Quote compliments of Theresa, btw.


Eren said...

What a wonderfully beautiful quilt you made! I am in awe of anyone who can quilt. I have one half finished and cant seem to complete it. Some little girl will be extremely lucky.

blessings to you today!


pei girl said...

the quilt is just beautiful you are very talanted :0) have a wonderful day

Sarah and Jack said...

The blanket is so sweet!

(I think there are some link problems with the goodness swap, you might email Rebecca to be sure who your partner is! 72 is an even number, so I wasn't sure why there were some partnerships of 3 either.)

Creative Genius? said...

OH MY GOSH that is amazing and beautiful!! You do such nice work!

Sue said...

The blanket is so lovely, Heidi. You did a beautiful job. Isn’t it great to know that it will bring immeasurable joy to someone in need?

Rebecca said...

Oh it's beautiful and I do hope Sophie gets it. :) Your embroidery is lovely, mine is never so delicate looking.

I'm sorry things got muddled on the Swap site, seems my partners name didn't show up so you are paired with Nancy who happens to be a very good friend of Lucy! They actually work together. :)

VictoriaE said...

I love the blanket, it is gorgeous. And I love that a little kid will be made warm by an item made with all that care and loving thoughts.