Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Bathroom remodel--and my YouTube debut

"I am not afraid. I was born to do this." (St. Joan of Arc)

Get ready: My husband has figured out the video camera. Woo-hoo. My parents gave us this really awesome video camera for Christmas (they would like to see video of us getting their grandchildren in Vietnam and China) and Ed has finally mastered it. I fully expect my whole life to be on YouTube now.

The first feature from Schlumpf/Butler Productions is a little piece about our bathroom remodel, which is pretty much done (except for the light switch covers, as you'll see in the video). Check it out! We tore everything but the tile and the tub out, painted, fixed the toilet, installed a new vanity, granite counter top, fixtures, medicine cabinet, lighting and towel bars. When I say "we," I mean Ed, except for the painting.

It looks really nice. Thank you, honey!


Sarah and Jack said...

Look at you Heidi! How wierd/interesting to see you.
Of course I was waiting for the return of Michael when you pulled on the shower curtain! LOL

Heidi said...

Okay, the heavy breathing thing cracked me up! Heidi, how fun to see and hear you! You are cute. :) Your bathroom looks great! My dream is to have sinks like that in my entire house--the ones that are under the counter so you don't have that stupid ridge on top to collect all the gunk. Okay, so my dreams are humble. LOL Love the counter top as well!

Conni Lu said...

It's lovely and you did a terrific job describing the updates. How fun! I'll be watching for future episodes. :)

Lucy said...

Thanks for sharing your video and bathroom remodel debut!! Love the edits on the video too..lol...hubby is a character I can tell :)

You two did a great job! It looks great, love your curtain you made, as well!


Mary Belle said...

Hey, great job of camera work. The bathroom looks great. Hope I get to see it on Easter Sunday. (Check your e-mail.)

Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Oh you guys are hilarious. HGTV look out! Can't wait for the Easter egg hunt Sunday--I think we'll have to wear mittens though! Love, Amy

pei girl said...

you both did an awesome job well done!!