Sunday, April 22, 2007

Coffee Klatch

"I have had no other masters than the beeches and the oaks." (St. Bernard of Clarivaux, who never celebrated Earth Day, but apparently got the gist)

I used to be a total coffee addict. As a reporter at a daily newspaper, I arrived in the morning and prompty drank pretty much a whole pot in the first hour or two of work. Then I continued to drink several more cups throughout the day. The only problem was the massive headaches I got on the weekend. So about 15 years ago I went cold turkey. Now I have to be careful to avoid caffeine in anything or else I get the trembles and racing thoughts all night. But I'm still addicted to coffee, though now it's just one or two cups of decaf a day.

So ever since I saw Betz White's cute Cup O'Joe pincushions out of felted sweater scraps, I knew I wanted to make one. The pincushion swap organized by Tiff at Folded Ginham was the perfect excuse to try. About a month ago Betz was on Martha Stewart demonstrating how to make these, and while I watched it briefly, I didn't really pay attention. So by the time I sat down to make this, the clip was no longer on the website and I had to wing it.

It turned out pretty decent, although I should not be allowed around a glue gun. I glued on the brown I-cord piping handle and trim around the "saucer," but there were globs of glue showing. So then I had to handstitch the cording trim to tuck in the glue. I also think I didn't do the "whipped cream" right; I think Tiff's on her pincushion cake looks better than this.

Still, I'm pretty happy with it, and I even made a second one for myself, but I haven't finished it yet. I was part of a threesome for the swap, and I my "sending" swap partner has probably already sent mine but I haven't been home to receive it. Tiff was my "receiving" partner.

We're still in Philadelphia, enjoying my husband's family and the summer-like weather. However, we got news today of a potentially very serious adoption problem. I'll take any prayers that it's not as dire as it sounds.


pei girl said...

I just love the pincushion it is really cute and as far as the coffee thingy goes I also was addicted now I may have a coffee on occasion.have a wonderful day :0))

Lucy said...

I think your version of the coffee cup is great! I'm admittedly a complete coffee addict so I understand the weekend headaches, I shouldhave realized it is from the lack of caffeine sooner!
Try the swirlly method with the glue gun, before you pull it away from your spot, swirl it around clockwise and it eliminates the gobs and strands. (saw this on DIY and it


Rebecca said...

It's darling! I think you did a great job. I made some felt cakes and couldn't figure out the whipped cream either but yours looks WAY better than mine!

Rebecca said...

It's darling! I think you did a great job. I made some felt cakes and couldn't figure out the whipped cream either but yours looks WAY better than mine!

Heidi said...

I love it and I'm so impressed that you did it without even seeing the video! I watched it on TV and was completely intimidated. Yours looks great! Wow! I bet Tiff is thrilled. :)

Renee said...

That coffee cup is adorable Heidi. Did you enjoy making it enough that you'd be willing to make another one? I'd love to buy one from you.

Also, I was so glad to hear that the adoption news was indeed a rumor.

Gotta run--am still working on my most recent story for USC!

Sue said...

I love the coffee cup, Heidi! I enjoy your creative talents and abilities (this from someone who has difficulty thinking “outside the box” (pattern), as it were. I have never liked coffee, though I love the smell of it. That must count for something …ha. Enjoy your visit ~ and yes, I will be praying.

melissa said...

thinking of you r.e. the adoption worries. stay strong!
and i love your little felted coffee cup. I adore coffee too- but that version looks like a healthier option to me!
take care,

VictoriaE said...

I like the color combo.
To make a collage of photos you just upload them into the blog writing box, then click/highlight each one and drag them around. Drag a photo fully toward another photo and it should attatch. I think it only works on some templates, because other templates have borders around each photo. It was a big factor for me when I was trying to pick a new template. I hope that makes sense, I'm not very technical!

km said...

I love your pincushin. I'm going to have to start I can findI just saw your comment on my blog today...It's been to long since I've been on my own blog. My comments used to come to my email...and now they don't. I'm not sure what happened or if I can fix it. Anyways...I'll be better about checking my dashboard. Maybe the little nieces and nephews in my world will be getting teddy bears for Christmas this year. Thanks for the comment. Kristen

Lynne said...

Oh, it's wonderful, Heidi! I have been inspired by Betz White's designs as well...I think you did a fabulous job! She has a new book coming out, did you know?