Monday, April 16, 2007

Deep thoughts

"The journey is the reward." (Chinese proverb)

I was tagged by Connie at Simply Quilted, who honored me with a "Thinking Blogger Award"--which is really just a meme asking you to link to five (though Connie did 10 because she was tagged twice!) blogs that make you think. I'll take a stab at it:

1. Probably one of the most inspiring craft blogs I enjoy is the one by Betz White, a fellow Wisconsin crafter whose favorite medium is recycled wool felt sweaters. She was recently on the Martha Stewart show and demonstrated one of her coffee cup pincushions, which I recently tried to recreate.

2. My favorite knitting blogger is Purl Needlemeyer at Knit and Plenty. Her blog is even more creative than her knitting (a compliment to her blog, not a slam on her knitting!) This woman even wrote a bunch of knitting Christmas carols and she has the best Photoshopped graphics. If you're looking to organize your knitting projects, she also sells a "Gettin' Knit" kit.

3. I'm probably not the first person to give Crazy Aunt Purl a Thinking Blog Award. Although I can't relate to the cat-love posts, I can to her honest reflections on finding yourself after divorce. And she's funny while doing it!

4. I haven't been reading too many adoption blogs, because I get too sad seeing other people getting their children, but Mrs. Broccoli Guy is so honest about life with her newly adopted toddler son from Vietnam, that I can stay away.

5. Finally, a Catholic blog by my coworker who called himself Catholic to the Left before he started blogging for our magazine. He still blogs at his first blog--and he can be even more blunt and provocative there!

Now I'm supposed to tag those bloggers to do their Thinking Blog Awards. Click here for more information about this "Thinking Blogs" meme.

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Christina said...

wow. Thank you. This is one meme that I feel honored to be tagged with.