Monday, April 30, 2007

Spring Fling--Sent

"In the heavens are parents single? / No, the thought makes reason stare. / Truth is reason: truth eternal / tells me I've a mother there." (Mormon hymn "O My Father")

Well, Nancy at Imaginary Fronds has received my package from the Spring Fling Swap, so I can go ahead and post what I sent her. I wasn't a big fan of pink & green back in the preppie 80s, but I really like the color combo now. So I was happy to try these two colors in one of my recycled felted sweater purses for my swap partner. (I made a second one that I was going to sell, but it already found a home with my sister-in-law! I could do another one, though, if anyone's interested. I have some cool pink ties.)

It was a stretch to make my items fit the S-P-R-I-N-G thing, but here's how I did it:

S: Stitched table runner (& a paper tablecloth)
P: Purse (handmade from thrifted/felted sweater)
R: Ribbon (with cute spring motif)
I: Interesting apron made from a towel
N: Nice storage containers
G: Gum ( in pink & green, no less)

I kept to the swap rules of six items and spending about $20. When I saw how other swappers are sending way more stuff, I felt sort of lame. But since Nancy is behind and hasn't sent my package yet, I hope she keeps it to not too many items.

I really like the swaps organized by Rebecca and Lucy. Both times they have challenged me to work with color combos I wouldn't have otherwised tried. (Last time it was pink and brown.) I definitely plan to join their next swap.

Gotta go and watch Part I of this PBS special on the Mormons. (As a feminist theologian, I'm intrigued by this theology of the "Heavenly Mother," thus the quote above.)


Heidi said...

Not sure if you know, but I'm LDS (Mormon). DH and I watched Part 1 last night and thought it was presented pretty fairly. We're going to be on the road tonight so maybe I can tape Part 2. If you ever have any questions about what we believe, feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer!

Rebecca said...

I knew you would make a pink and green purse! I'm so glad you enjoyed the swap and yes, I think some others didn't stick to the rules(including me, I added a box of taffy and had 7 items instead of 6!) but I believe it all comes out in the wash. Our next color combo is interesting I think and perfectly fit to the upcoming summer.


Lucy said...

I love love love your purse, it's adorable, as are all your other goodies! I know I was bad and didn't stick to the item number, I couldn't decide on what things to go with what letter so I just picked up things pink and green and went with it! You should be getting your package tomorrow, can't wait to see your goodies :)

Oh yes--the color combo next time should "brighten" your day :)


VictoriaE said...

You don't know how cool that sounds, that you're a feminist theologian.

MéLisa said...

Are those chickens on the ribbon!?? So cute! What a fabulous package you put together! I just love Lucy & Rebecca’s swaps too! I just hope that we are moved & settled in time for the next one!