Wednesday, April 18, 2007


“Vocation puts an end to you in order to disclose your true end.” (Richard Lischer)

I accidentally posted this yesterday when I meant to save it as a draft, so many of you may be wondering who this adorable little girl is. She my niece, Elena, my husband's brother and sister-in-law's little girl, who was baptized last weekend in Kentucky. A few more photos of our weekend are here.

This whole week, as our country mourns the loss of so much promise in the young lives of the Virginia Tech students, I keep thinking how awful this must be for their parents. But I also feel bad for the parents of the shooter; how they must be grieving in a particularly horrible way. Then the next day 200 people lost their lives in Iraq, and I find myself just overcome by the waste of all this God-given life. In the homily at her baptism, the priest at the UK Newman Center hoped that Elena's generation might live in a world without war, that by then the powers-that-be will have found a better way to solve disputes. I hope so.

There is knitting content to this post: the little white sweater Elena wore at her baptism was knitted by yours truly. Her mom is requesting another one. I hope to choose a pattern from this book.


Patsy said...

Such a cute little girl!!
Wish I could of seen the sweater on her.
As I age I miss having a large number of relatives.

Lucy said...

Your niece is so adorable, and the sweater is precious. You did a fabulous job on it.

It is truly sad, the events of this week, of the last several years for this matter. All the lives that have perished, in the name of what??? And why??? I'm not sure we will ever have the answers, but it does make you appreciate all that you have.


robiewankenobie said...

*delurks for a moment*
*waves to you from lexington, ky*

Jenn Maruska said...

What an adorable little girl - and a very touching post.

linda t said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE the pin cushion that you made for Tiff!!! I had seen the video that Betz did on the Martha show... and I sooo want to try making one! You did an awesome job Heidi! You are one talented gal!