Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Brrrr baseball

"Time spent laughing is time spent with the gods." (Japanese proverb)

Check out these cute cookies! I made them for the Brewers/Twins game we went to in Miller Park on Sunday. The baseballs were cut from a tin can, but I had cookie cutters to do the baseball gloves (the Brewers' retro logo) and the Wisconsins (those are upside down "W"s not "M"s). I used the Schlumpf favorite Sugar Cut-out recipe from my kindergarten teacher.

The cookies were my contribution to the tailgate party wtih my parents and my godparents, Betty and Mike (pictured below). It was downright chilly (in the 40s!) but that didn't deter diehard Wisconsinites from grilling brats in the parking lot before the game. Cheeseheads have lots of rah-rah school spirit. More photos on my Mom's blog.

I hadn't seen my godparents in several years, and they had never met my husband, so it was a nice visit. I was also able to show off some of my new purses, which I will post about in the next day (as soon as I get my camera back. I left it at one of this weekend's many parties).

Weekend fun included:
  • Becky's party celebrating her graduation from CTU.
  • This play at the Goodman Theater. I didn't care for it.
  • Little Lincoln's blessing ceremony. So touching! And the twins came, too!
  • A going-away party for Nick and Sandra, who are off to England.
  • The Brewer's game
  • A visit to our former neighbor's new house, which is shaping up really quickly!
I'm off to New York tomorrow for a work conference, but I hope to have a little fun there too. Any suggestions? I hope to make it to the Japanese bookstore that Manda just visited. I'll be staying just over the bridge in Brooklyn.