Friday, May 04, 2007

Day at the beach

"It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are." (poet e.e. cummings)

There's really no such thing as spring in Chicago. One day it's snowing and the next day it's 80 degrees. There may be a few days where it's rainy and muddy and you see a few flowers, but then--boom!--it's time to turn on the AC and summer's here. Unless of course there's one more snow storm.

Last weekend felt like summer. After church, Ed and I drove to Foster Beach on Lake Michigan and had a little picnic. (That's him, not the Virgin Mary, there. Despite years as lifeguard, or perhaps because of that, he is always totally covered while in the sun.).

There were cute kids running all over and a guy who was grilling hot dogs and giving them away to complete strangers. I love Chicago. It's never boring.
Ever since we moved "inland" and lived without a car, I've missed the lake. Before this, I had always lived in a high rise on the lake. My first apartment had beautiful lake views from the living room and bedroom. My second place faced west, but I could walk to the beach and regularly drove down Lake Shore Drive.

Now that we have a car again, I hope we visit the lake more regularly. Summer, here we come!


Connie said...

Hi, Heidi, My husband loves Lake Michigan. He grew up in northern Indiana and became familiar with it at a very young age. I know he would love to have that view from our home if that were possible. :)

Lucy said...

Looks like a grand way to spend a "summer" day!! It's amazing how much the lake looks like the ocean!

Thanks for sharing your "outing"!

Sarah and Jack said...

Heidi, I am so sorry we didn't get a chance to get together while we were there. We had so many difficulties this trip! I hope we can catch you when we visit again.