Monday, May 14, 2007


"Beware when you think you finally have it all. That is the invariable sign that you may not even have begun to get what is really important in life." (Joan Chittister, O.S.B., The Monastic Way, October 2003)

I haven't posted a knitting WIP (Work in Progress) in awhile, and Sue asked about the baby sweater I'm working on, so I thought I'd show what I have so far. I'm using Yarn Harlot's Daisy Sweater pattern (on Knitty here), which I've made once before in blue wool for my friend D'Arcy's baby.

Now I'm "using what I have" (like Rebecca), which in this case is Paton's Katrina yarn in a soft sage green (used it once before in a smaller baby sweater here). I'm a little worried because I only have three skeins and I'm doing the larger size for a special little boy who's having a blessing/dedication this weekend. At this rate, I probably won't be done. This is a nice, stretchy yarn that I think will make a light summer sweater so I'd better finish it soon.

We had a busy weekend:
  • I had a tooth pulled. Ouch (financially more than physically)
  • I went overnight camping with 12 Girl Scouts, my sister's troop. Photos to come.
  • I finally did the official summer/winter clothes switch. Let summer begin!
  • Our neighbors and good friends John and Leigh Ann moved into their new house. We will miss them, even though they're only a mile away.
  • Ed and I picked up our friends Karen and Jeff and their newly adopted 3-year-old twins from Ethiopia from the airport on Sunday. See the video here.
  • Finished three new recycled felted purses. I have a whole new line of purses and hope to post them soon. Maybe this week.
I also have seen some good movies in the past week. I love Independent Film Channel. I finally saw Boogie Nights (interesting, even though about the porn industry) and Shop Girl (I bawled! I love Steve Martin, but his character's non-committing ways brought back painful memories of way too many boyfriends!) And Ed and I finally saw Grey Gardens, recommended by his sister. Very weird and campy.


Lucy said...

The baby sweater is going to be lovely. The color is wonderful-very peaceful!

Ouch is right on the tooth...hope you weren't in too much pain!

Thanks for sharing the movie reviews, I'll have to check out a couple of them :)


jungle dream pagoda said...

Love Grey Gardens to pieces !!!!! Love Shop girl. ...and yes ,kinda love Boogie Nights.
PS you won my little celebration,I LOVED yor Haiku!!!!
Could you e-mail your address?I know I had it ,but that was at a busy time for me.

Di said...

That cardigan is going to be so cute!! Hope your mouth is feeling better (and your wallet) after the tooth!!

Rebecca said...

I can't wait to see that sweater. I love knitting and crocheting baby things, they go so quickly. I have a tough time making adult sized clothing. :)

Sue said...

I love the color of the baby sweater, Heidi. It's going to be perfect. Joy!

You had a very busy weekend indeed! Congratulations and blessings to your friends in their life events.

I am so sorry to hear about your tooth! I hope you did not have too much discomfort, either before OR after.

tocspaw said...

I have to say that, despite its subject matter, Boogie Nights is a great film. Shop Girl was depressing, but I've liked Claire Danes ever since My So-Called Life...can't wait to see the sweater!

Cathy said...

Your camping photos brought back a lot of great memories for me. I was both a GS and Cub Scout leader, I had 3 groups at a time. For a short time I had 4 groups-one that was waiting for their own leader, I stepped in and got the boys underway. They were little tiger cubs. So cute! Busy, yes! But so wonderful to be able to work with so many different kids on their badges and their worlds of discovery! I miss camping with them the most!!!
My advice, don't write off Boy Scouts just yet. While not all policies in all groups are perfect for anyone, consider the effect you will have on a lot of little guys as you interact with their lives and learning process. Time changes a lot. It's an experience I wouldn't have changed for the world with my son. I cherish those years dearly. He's about to be 25 now and we just drove home from law school. I love our Mother/Son adventures. Scouting was but one of them.
Ok, off my soap box now. Enjoy it all!