Thursday, June 07, 2007

Corners of my home

"Whatever you are meant to do, move toward it and it will come to you." (Corporate speaker and author Gloria Dunn)

This is a little shelf in the entryway of our condo above the front hall closet. It's one of those cheap moulding shelves, which I used to have in my old condo dining room area. At first I didn't think it fit into our new place, but then I decided to use it to display a collection of spiritual tchotchkes Ed and I have acquired in our international travels.

They are (from left, and interspersed with candles):

  • a Shiva statue from India
  • the triple spiral from Ireland (a symbol of the divine feminine)
  • Ed's Buddha from Thailand
  • the snake goddess from Crete
  • a reproduction of the Konark Sun Temple in Orissa, India
A bunch of these things used to be on my personal altar in my old place, but I thought they looked cool enough to be in a more public part of our home.

btw, I found another Heidi craft blogger (with me, I'm now up to four!). Check out yet another Heidi at My Paper Crane.


Sarah and Jack said...

Hey Heidi, I saw your comment on Rebecca's blog about wanting to sell some christmas paper. Have a pic of it?

Di said...

That's a great shelf and I love the coloured candle holders!!