Sunday, June 10, 2007

FO #1

"The world is charged with the grandeur of God." (Poet Gerard Manley Hopkins, "God's Grandeur")

I've got lots of FOs to post today. I've been busy knitting lots of baby/kids' sweaters and finally delivered them to their new owners Saturday. I finally finished this baby sweater that I started about a month ago. The goal was to finish it by little Lincoln's blessing ceremony but that didn't happen. I worked on it while camping, in New York, and in Michigan.

This is Lincoln at his blessing ceremony, which was his parents' (Jon and Kristen) alternative to briss or baptism. It was a very creative conglomoration of rituals that included hints of Jon's Jewish heritage, Kristin's Catholic and Latino background, and some modern twists as well (including two sets of godparents, of which we are one). Of course, Lincoln was the perfect baby throughout the whole thing!

The stats on the sweater:
Pattern: Yarn Harlot's Daisy Sweater pattern (on Knitty here), which I've made once before. I used the largest size.
Yarn: Paton's Katrina yarn in a soft sage green (used it once before in a smaller baby sweater here). It's nice and stretchy and good for summer. I used two skeins and a little bit of a third.
Buttons: Three white ones from my vintage collection.
Needles: My favorite pair of 7s
Notes: I like knitting with this yarn. It looks like it should fit 9-month-old for the next few months of the summer.


Lucy said...

That's a gorgeous sweater Heidi--and congratulations on being named Godparents to baby Lincoln. :)


flanthrower said...

What an adorable sweater! That's one lucky baby.