Sunday, June 10, 2007

FOs #2 and #3

"It takes a child to raise a village." (Karen and Jeff's friends' spin in the traditional African proverb)

OK maybe this doesn't count as two FOs, since I technically finished the teal sweater almost a year ago. But when my friend Karen learned that she and her husband were adopting twins from Ethiopia, I got started on a second one. I didn't finish the orange one in time for Karen's shower, but worked on it while she was in Ethiopia and just did the buttons last week.

You may remember this video of little Max (Mesvin) and Mari arriving in the U.S. from Ethiopia. They are doing really well (although their parents are fighting a parasite and are somewhat exhausted). I spent a few hours at the park yesterday morning with them, and they are still two little bundles of 3-year-old energy! You can follow their progress (when their parents have time to post) here. (Photo borrowed from their site.)

Stats on the sweater:

Pattern: This poorly written one on the lionbrand website. You have to register to get it, but registration is free. As I wrote back when I finished the teal one, this pattern is poorly written.

Yarn: Lions Brand Thick and Quick Wool-ease
Needles: Bamboo Size 11s
Buttons: Inexpensive wooden ones from Joann's
Notes: I made a few mistakes on this, kept knitting two right fronts instead of one each left and right and had to do much frogging. I also ended up with seven buttonholes instead of six like the teal one, but I don't think anyone will notice. With my notes and revisions to correct the poorly written pattern, it's starting to grow on me. I like the look of the sweater, even though I prefer raglan sleeves.

I'm hoping these will fit Max and Mari in the fall, but from how much I saw them eat yesterday I'm a little worried they might not!


Di said...

The cardigans are great! I love the colours - no pinks and baby blues in my life! The twins are just adorable too!!

VictoriaE said...

Oh, gorgeous kids and gorgeous jackets. They will look awesome in them. I love the colors.

Sue said...

The sweaters are great! What a joy to see such huge smiles on their faces. Deo gratias.

Rebecca said...

cute sweaters! I have yet to make a sucessful piece of clothing. Knit monkey? NO PROBLEM! Swetaer tat isn't too large, too small or overall too weird, impossible. :) I love the colors you chose as well!

Maggs said...

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