Monday, June 18, 2007


"Only grieving can heal grief... I'm pretty sure that it is only by experiencing the ocean of sadness in a naked and immediate way that we come to be healed." (Anne Lamott, Traveling Mercies)

I have a bunch of very belated thank you's--for swaps, birthday gifts and assorted "in the mail" niceities. Isn't that a cool photo? Certainly you wouldn't call two boxes of assorted mosaic tiles "junk," would you? Well, that's just some of what I recieved from my swap partner in the Junk Swap, for which you were supposed to stuff a flat-rate box with assorted "junk" for your house in exchange for someone else's "junk."

This was my partner Sue's first swap, and she really did a great job. First of all, she stuffed that box with so much stuff, I just had to weigh it to see. It was 16 pounds by my scale! I'm sure those mosaic tiles were part of it, but she also crammed beach glass, shells, rubber duckies, religious artifacts, scarves, Pez dispensers, plus a bunch of office supplies, containers, sewing stuff, etc., etc., etc. I hope Sue starts a blog soon, since she is obviously a wonderful collector. Thank you, Sue!

A few days later I got this box of goodies from Lisa-Gabrielle at Jungle Dream Pagoda for winning her blogversary haiku contest. (We jokingly write haiku at work whenver a magazine layout spread is ready at deadline, so I've hd practice.) I had to laugh because she included a vintage birthday card and wrote "It's probaby not your birthday..." but it was! And what lovely gifts: a gorgeous and soft apron, a metallic purse, a cute 60s plastic mirror, Japanese bookmarks, and little wooden tiles. Thank you, Lisa-Gabrielle!

This little collection of vintage stuff is from my Aunt Pat, one of my crafting heroines. She sent me this antique creamer and sugar bowl, some vintage hankies, including several tatted by my grandmother, plus some knitting projects she has apparently given up on and some other craft supplies. Thanks, Aunt Pat!

One other craft-related birthday gift came from (who else?) my mom, who bought me a skein of this beautiful sock yarn that has aloe in it to keep you hands (and feet) soft while knitting (and wearing) it. She also gave me that cute little knitting projects bag. Thanks, Mom!
I also recently received some adorable postcards of Marianne's little people. I love them! And Rebecca at Thrifty Goodness sent me a Richard Scarry book she found thrifting in exchange for some wool felt (some's still for sale in my etsy shop, but it's going fast). Thank you, Marianne and Rebecca!


Mary Belle said...

Heidi, I believe the creamer and sutgar were hand painted by your grandmother (my mother).

Glad you are back from Philly.

Love, Mom

Lucy said...

Lots and lots of mail love! Love the hankies your Aunt sent, very beautiful. I'm so knitting challenged, I never realized there was yarn out there with aloe in it!! What a concept, I'd love to keep my tootsie's warm and moisturized at the same time!

Thanks for sharing your loot with us :)


jungle dream pagoda said...

Happy birthday! Wow, at the goodies you've scored! Love those hankies from Aunt Pat!

Heidijayhawk said...

happy birthday sweetie! love all of the awesome goodness in that post! the gifts. awesome. the junk. totally awesome!

Rebecca said...

What wonderful goodies and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm always a day late and a dollar short as they say. :)

Did you receive your napkins I sent? I think I sent them to your work since it was the only address I could find (I'm so disorganized.)

Oh and I can't wait to see what you do with those tiles. My friend Dita is very into mosaics at the moment and she makes great things!