Thursday, June 28, 2007

My first Bakelite

"Everything we look upon is blest." (William Butler Yeats, found on

I'm still playing catch-up, posting a bunch of stuff I got a couple estate sales I went to several weeks ago. This is my first Bakelite purchase. After getting a pastry blender at an estate sale last year for $1, my sister told me to keep an eye open for one for her. I saw this one, then realized it was probably Bakelite. The women charged me $5 because she suspected too, and I confirmed it when I got home. They're going for anywhere from $18 to almost $40 on ebay, so I'll probably sell it. Sorry, Amy!

Here's some more of my loot: two metal canisters, a roll of gold floral contact paper, two pretty blue flowered pillowcases, a tie (for purse handles), and some turquoise and pink glass Christmas ornaments.

I couldn't pass up these adorable Swiss handkerchiefs, especially since they were in this cute box that said, "From the Swiss Alps." My last name, Schlumpf, is Swiss.

OK, so I bought a huge bag of old (60s and 70s) Girl Scout uniforms and accessories, thinking there might be a market for them on ebay. There is! I paid $6 or $7 for all this, and depending on how I list it (and how lucky I get) I could get 10 times that for it.

Buttons, from a sewing kit. There were some pretty ones in there.

A bunch of kids books I found in the attic of the second sale. A cute tea towel.
Stuff from the sewing basket, including that wild pattern for felted slippers!

Does anyone know that these are? They were in the sewing basket, but they say "Bordens" so I think it has something to do with milk. Aunt Pat, you always seem to be able to answer my questions. Anyone?


Heidijayhawk said...

WOW! look at all that loot! so jealous! love the fabric and buttons especially!

Sarah and Jack said...

counting from the right, #1 look like a paint key, #2 and #5 look like can openers. Strange though.

Heidi said...

Wow, Heidi--GREAT finds! That bakelite pastry blender is just awesome.

Lucy said...

Awesome deals this weekend, Heidi!

I agree with Sarah--a couple of them look like can openers-not sure on the others.

Good luck on your ebay sales!!

Di said...

Seems like a successful haul!! Love the scout uniforms! I still have mine in a cupboard at my parents! One is definitely a bottle opener but the others - hmm!!!

Rebecca said...

Nice stuff!! I wonder where my old girscout uniform is . . . I never got many patches though ha ha ha.

I do think those are paint keys or can openers. Very coolm whatever they are!

Anonymous said...

I think 2nd from right is a buttonhook

well done on what you got

Anonymous said...

What you have in the Bordon's shot are premiums that would be given to customers for signing up for the milk route or as a thank you. The hooks are button hooks to do up bottons on shoes, children's shoes, cuffs and gloves.
The other items are pop bottle openers as they produced that as well and pop was in long glass bottles like beer ( prettier though ). The caps were just like beer caps but in the early day they were linrd eith cork. My husband remembers taking the cork out and by pressing it and the cap with his tshirt inbetween he could make himself an armoured top.
Hope this helps.
Janet....Nothern Ontario...Canada