Saturday, July 07, 2007

4th of July

"The love of one's country is a splendid thing. But why should love stop at the border?" (Spanish cellist Pablo Casals)

We had a little dinner party on Friday night--out on our little deck. (Thrifting content: That cute "tablecloth" is a bedspread or quilt top--not handmade, I don't think--that I got for $3.) I was so excited that our drop-leaf table fit on the deck, with a few borrowed chairs from our next door neighbor.

Attending were Lourdes and Jason (above), and Delia and Liam--both friends from my now-defunct women's spiritual book group. Lourdes is a yoga teacher; you can read all about her here. Delia and Liam both helped my husband get a part-time job as a kayak instructor. If you're intereted in canoing or kayaking the Chicago River, check this out.

The red-white-and-blue theme was carried out in my attire: vintage apron, of course.

I served my signature summer appetizer: crusy bread topped with olive oil, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and fresh basil. The entrees were buffalo burgers (from Trader Joes) and portebello mushroom sandwiches for the vegetarians. I also served the cous-cous salad from my sister, grilled veggie kabobs, and a beautiful raspberry tart for dessert, which I forgot to take a picture of! It was a lovely night to dine outdoors, and fun to connect with friends.
On the actual July 4, we watched fireworks from the Bucktown roof deck of our friend Michael. In addition to being able to see all the western suburbs' fireworks, the downtown ones against the backdrop of the skyline, and many from surrounding neighborhoods, we also had two groups within a block of his building who must have spent thousands or tens of thousands of dollars on illegal fireworks. They were big, loud and almost a bit too close for comfort. Still, it was nice to see Dan and Linh, and to meet some cool people, including a woman who teaches Chinese at the Latin School and another family that has adopted two daughters from China.


Di said...

Sounds like you had a good evening! I would love our weather to be good enough to allow an evening meal outside!! Belated 4th of July wishes!

Heidijayhawk said...

sounds like you guys had a great weekend! the basil with tomatoes and mozzeralla...yum. one of my faves right now. add a bit of mint...really lightens it up!

Sue said...

Fun! I’m so glad you had a nice time with friends and were able to be outside to enjoy your evening together. I love your quote ~ and it’s so true about how we put “borders” on love, in many different aspects. What a great reminder, thank you.

Laney said...

I like your site. Love the idea of a quote per post and really like your vintage finds. Your sweater purse is cute..and I can relate to the books.

Rebecca said...

Please invite me over! :) Your menu sounds delicious. I love couscous but usually have it hot. Would you mind sharing your couscous salad recipe? xoxoxo