Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Christmas in July

"So much in life is solved by walking..." (St. Augustine)

Back in January, I made a pledge to work on Christmas crafting all year long, so as to avoid the hectic holiday rush at the end of the year. Some people have even been doing a little Christmas every month (I think there's a cute name or a Flickr group for this but I can't remember where I saw it.) Anyway, I have not been doing a little Christmas every month, but I did do some this past weekend.

Remember these star boxes I made last year and filled with homemade toffee for my Women's Group friends? Well, I had six boxes left so I spray painted them silver in preparation for stamping so they'll be all ready for gift giving this year. I'd also like to get them all stamped and ready to go, but I didn't get that far.

That wasn't the only painting I did this weekend. I also painted the trim in my bathroom that my brother-in-law installed when he was here drywalling our kitchen ceiling (where he had hung new pendant lamps for us last year.) Tonight I have to caulk and then put everything back in the bathroom. It's been sitting in the hallway for two weeks.

Could Lynn who commented asking me if I was interested in joining her swap, please email me with your email address (it doesn't come with your comments unless you set your preferences that way. So, everybody, change your preferences!) Email me at schlumpfh (at) claretians (dot) org.

Today is my dad's birthday: Happy birthday! He's at the Brewers' game in Milwaukee. So is my mom, but she's not sitting with him (he's with his bowling team). She's sitting with her knitting friends for Stitch and Pitch! Speaking of Wisconsin, Ed and I are hoping to make it to the Wisconsin State Fair next weekend: cream puffs, cows, crafts, maple candy. Did I mention the cream puffs? They're famous and to die for!

UPDATE: The website is called Christmas in Progress (CIP).


Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi: Love the new design! Wish I could go to State Fair with you--have a cream puff for me--oh, and some flavored milk for a quarter, and also some maple rootbeer and cotton candy. Be sure to pick up a mini Milwaukee Journal. And please ride the sky glider, and the giant slide. Let me know if you see any interesting gadgets in the exhibit hall. Don't forget to look at the cows, the rabbits, etc. etc. It was fun catching up on your blog. I loved the picture of the girls from Uzbekistan swimming. Love, Amy

Heidi said...

Heidi, I'm so impressed that you are already on the ball about Christmas! I'm one of those hopeless types who always gets her best inspiration for gifts on about December 20. Sheesh!

Have fun at the fair! I've always wanted to go to a state fair. The one here is always over Labor Day weekend so we're usually busy but one day I'll get there!

Sue said...

Oooh – the state fair. I love the Wisconsin State Fair. I don’t think we will make it over this year, which is a shame since it’s nearly in my back yard. Good grief. Have a cream puff for me, please!