Monday, July 02, 2007

Felt flower charms

"Learn to trust--that is the great thing. You realize that you do have to do your work, you have to provide all that you can, but also you have to learn to believe that Providence is going to provide all that you really need." (Father Bede Griffiths)

One nice thing about blogging is that I've really been stretched as a crafter. I see what others are doing and want to try it, and my own creative muse if piqued after an evening of reading about others crafty pursuits. Swaps are another way to be challenged. I signed up for a "fabric charm" swap organized by Dawn, having no idea what a fabric charm was or what I would make.

I knew I wanted to use felt (my fabric of choice--scraps of which are selling like hotcakes on etsy. They're almost all gone. Noone has sntached up the Christmas colors yet, though. I guess people aren't thinking that far ahead). Anyway, in the end I didn't do anything that creative: just a miniature version of the larger felt flower pins I've made. I used these cute vintage buttons I had gotten from Sarah in the vintage Christmas swap and sewed in a jump ring. I sent my five off on Monday and should be receiving five different ones from other swappers soon.

Speaking of swaps, I've been busy working on my Orange and Yellow swap for another Sarah. I made a trip to the Village thrift last week, found a perfect container, and am finishing up the handmade items. Unlike the fabric charm swap, I may even be early on this one!


Lucy said...

Fabric charms are a neat idea-I have yet to venture into jewelry making but it is on my list of most admired crafts--I love the different combinations of stones and patterns that people come up with.

Good for you on your progress on the SGS items!! I'm not that organized this time around-seems like there is so much going on but I will get there.

Happy belated 4th!

Heidijayhawk said...

i love the creative inspiration from other bloggers. it really stretches what you think you can do! love the felt charms!

dawn said...

I must say, the fabric charms are even prettier in person! they arrived yesterday and are perfect! thanks so much for playing! and thank you also for the lovely hostess gift - it's perfect.