Saturday, July 28, 2007

For Sam and Sophie

"we can never be born enough, / we are human beings; / for whom birth is a supremely welcome mystery, / the mystery of growing: / which happens only and whenever / we are faithful to ourselves." (Poet e.e. cummings, from the introduction to from new poems)

Thanks for all the "frogging" commiseration. The new sleeve is coming along. I'm having a very crafty weekend and will post some FOs later this week. Meanwhile I'm catching up with posting about the past few weeks. Here are some great garage sale finds for Sam and Sophie. I found these wooden toys (that's a play sandwich kit!) at a sale near the Old Town School Folk Fest a few weeks ago. $1 apiece. I love wooden toys! I know my house is destined to be full of plastic toys, but I hope to have our kids enjoy some more traditional toys too.

My mom found these adorable patent leather Mary Janes at a garage sale for $1. They look barely worn. They are a larger size, though, and I'm going to have to start putting older stuff in storage somewhere, as our future nursery is getting very crowded. Ed and I did a good cleaning in there on Friday and it looks much better. I still have to do more with my craft crap.
I keep meaning to mention movies we've been seeing. We finally saw Pan's Labyrinth, which was very good but I had a hard time with the violence. Also, I didn't realize it was subtitled, so was all ready to knit during it but then couldn't. Still, I was moved by the obvious Christian religious comparisons at the end.
Also, Godspell was on TCM last week. I sang the whole way through it: "Prepare Ye." "Day by Day," "By My Side," "Light of the World." Oh, it was the 70s all over again!
Coming soon: My loot from the world's scariest garage sale. Mom, can you email me the photo from your camera phone?


Heidijayhawk said...

wow!! awesoem finds heidi! wish i had caught godspell on the tube!! darn!

mo said...

Hi Heidi! I emailed you that you won the Martha Stewart Baby magazines from ahile ago but I didn't hear from you. Pop over and leave me a comment ( if you are still interested. Great finds!! Every girl needs a shiny pair of maty janes!

Anonymous said...

I just had a Godspell moment last week, too! Aubren went to see a high school drama camp production with friends and I found myself humming all the songs I love from that musical the entire afternoon. I've now decided that I MUST have that CD in my collection to share with the kids!

xo Kristi

Bee said...

Sweet shoes! I want to play with the sandwich kit. Your baby hats (earlier post) are adorable with the wee flower.