Monday, July 16, 2007

Pretty Pyrex

All shall be well. All shall be well. All manner of things shall be well. (St. Julian of Norwich)

I'm playing catch-up again, posting some finds from a garage sale outing from a few weeks ago. My friend Delia and I hit the sales in the Edgewater area, near our parish. We founds lots of great stuff before it started raining. At one sale I found one of the above Pyrex dishes, for $2, then at another sale later, I found the second, reverse one. Also $2.

One of the Pyrex sellers also had this small gold one, which matches a set I got earlier this year. I don't know why I like these old Pyrex bowls so much. I've clearly been influenced by others' love of them too.

This cool fabric is from two vintage dresses I bought from a guy for $1 each. I planned to cut them up, but think the brown and navy one I might be able to refashion into a skirt. We'll see. Need to put that on the project list.

I also got a one of those metal wheeled grocery carriers for $2, but we haven't used it yet and it's too big to store, so maybe that's a bust. I also bought a soft-sided wheeled cooler (above), which we've used twice even though it's a bit awkward to pull. It was $4.

This weekend I stopped at a few garage sales around the Old Town School of Folk Music Folk & Roots Fest (which is where I spent most of the weekend). I got some size 4 boys' clothes for my friend Karen's son, and two nice wooden toys for my growing collection. I love wooden toys, as opposed to plastic, which I know you have to learn to live with. I also got three of those "Baby Einsten" classical and world music CDs for $1. The woman said she never played them, and while I don't expect our kids to become classical music geniuses, they might enjoy them. Or at least I will.


Sue said...

What great finds! I have a thing for coolers myself, actually. I always think I need another one -- how many do I really need though? Ha! The fabrics are lovely, as well. My boss gave me a wooden train set when I was pregnant with the twins and it continues to be a much loved, well-cared for toy.

Sarah and Jack said...

I can't see the grocery cart photo, but does it not fold up? Mine does and it makes it quite handy.

That aqua snowflake pyrex is what started my own collection!

Heidijayhawk said...

is there such a thing as pyrex envy?

Rebecca said...

I love the snowflake pattern! We both got lucky with our Pyrex finds. :)

jungle dream pagoda said...

That fabric looks wonderful!!! I bet their pretty cool dresses too!
Thank you for stopping by and wishing me well on my new venture!

VictoriaE said...

Very nice. Love the gold pyrex. Actually, love all the pyrex but the gold especially. Excellent quotes lately by the way.

ChicChick said...

I love the vintage dresses. Please show us the skirt if you re-do the blue and brown one! :) I'm planning to do some early Christmas shopping at yard sales...luckily about 1/2 of my family is into vintage finds so it should make my job pretty easy! :)

linda t said...

Loving your Pyrex finds!
I know, what is it about Pyrex!
I have been doing the same... buying vintage garments, because of the fabric I can cut up and use. And sometimes the buttons on garments are worth alot! So it's worth buying for the embellishments you can salvage from the garment!
Especially coat buttons... I love big, old coat buttons!