Thursday, August 02, 2007

"B" is for beer

"Sometimes our light goes out, but it s blown again into flame by an encounter with another human being. Each of us owes the deepest thanks to those who have rekindled the light." (Albert Schweitzer)

Most people who know me know better than to offer me a beer. I don't drink beer. Yes, I'm from Wisconsin, so that has been hard. But the problem is that I had my first beer(s) when I was quite young, and let's just say I haven't had any since.

It's been hard to be a non-beer drinker since my Dad makes his own beer, called "North Bay Brew," named after the bay of their lake they live on. When we were visiting last time, Ed and I helped my dad with his latest batch, which is supposed to be Guinness-like.

That's Ed doing the bottle-capping, above. Since I don't drink beer, I've become fond of lots of other kinds of alcoholic cocktails. For awhile I was known for always having vodka and cranberry juice. Why not get some Vitamin C and help prevent bladder infections? Then I discovered vanilla vodka and mixed it with Diet Coke. Takes like cream soda. Yum! But the caffeine bothers me.

Now I've adopted my mom's recipes for yummy Jello shots at parties. We buy the little cups and lids at Cosco by the gross and share them. My mom does all kinds of yummy flavors, like coconut rum in pineapple Jello or amaretto in cherry Jello. I like to color coordinate the colors for special events, too. (Mom designed a special logo for Dad's beer, at left.)

As you can see, our family does like to celebrate with a little drink or two. Christmas wouldn't be complete without Tom and Jerrys. And my dad also has a nice collection of flavored liquers that he likes to get out after a special dinner. I've taken to bringing him ones from around the world when I travel. Mmmm. I wonder if Vietnam has a liquer?

No craft news today. Maybe tomorrow.


Rebecca said...

Heidi your whole family is creative! I love that your Dad makes beer! That is so cool! I'm a wine girl myself but I love a nice dark beer once in a while. :)

Heidijayhawk said...

i'm not a big beer fan either. i have a thing for fancy and creative margaritas right now. maybe its the heat. try the vanilla flavored vodka with a non caffinated soda!

Rodrigo said...

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