Thursday, August 16, 2007

"J" is for Junque

"It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else." (Author Erma Bombeck)
I have a confession to make: I'm a packrat. I'm an organized packrat, so visitors to my home may not notice the tons of crap I have stuffed in my closets (neatly stacked in nice plastic bins). When I had stopped crafting for a few years (after my divorce and during my wild single years), my crap collection was greatly reduced. I was living in a very small studio condo, so that helped.

But once I started knitting, along came the yarn stash. Then I started reading knitting, crafting and thrifting blogs and before you know it I had a huge pile of thrifted fabric and other craft supplies. I've always had a love of vintage things, and I have a lot of luck at estate sales and thrift stores here in Chicago. Still, we're reaching maximum capacity here in our relatively small 2-bedroom condo. We've got two kids coming in the next few years, and already their stuff is filling up our spare bedroom.

Still, it's hard to pass up some of these wonderful items, like that gently curved blue ceramic bowl (less than $1 at the thrift) or the $5 tin of old sewing stuff, including a dozen or more colorful balls of embroidery thread, from a recent estate sale. I had been at Michael's earlier that day and paid $2 a skein for a few colors of embroidery thread. And those Workbaskets from the 1950s and 60s were only 50 cents. The vintage kids' books were $1 apiece. Still, it seems like stuff should come with its storage cost attached too. Maybe then I'd think twice about acquiring some of it.
This week I'm working on moving some stuff the other direction: out! I listed a bunch of thrifted stuff on ebay and already some is selling (mostly vintage and designer linens) and I continue to sell off a good chunk of my extensive library on amazon. (Need to make room for kids' books on those shelves!) Finally, this weekend I will be getting together more felt scraps for sale in my etsy shop. Those really went well, and as I begin to feel a bit of fall in the cool evenings, I suspect people will be wanting to start fall and (gasp!) Christmas crafts soon. Proceeds from all this decluttering help our bottom line and to fund our adoptions.
Now if I can just keep myself from stopping at any garage sales this weekend...


Heidijayhawk said...

oh heidi that bowl...and those patterns? love them both! i am an organized packrat as well. somehow that is supposed to make keeping everything on this earth ok! right?!

linda t said...

I hear ya Heidi!
But that tin of vintage sewing supplies is a beautiful site! Who could pass that up!
Good luck on all your sales... I'll be sure to check em out. Ya, like I need more!

Di said...

I agree with you - I am a bit of a packrat too - not very organised but not noticeable since it's all stuffed in drawers! Hope that all the sales help to add up to help you in your quest!

jungle dream pagoda said...

As lovers of fabulous junque,how can we help be anything but packrats! Atleast your organized!

Rebecca said...

Oh we are so alike! Well except for the organized part. ;) I'm ready to start Christmas crafts myself, but of course I need to get organized first. Wish me luck!