Monday, August 27, 2007

"M" is for Mom

"Women are the architects of society." (Harriet Beecher Stowe)

"M" is for Mom, and also for Mary, my mom's name. I've written about my mom quite a bit here, since she is my creative inspiration. I've told you how she taught me to knit and how she is so crafty herself. But I haven't talked that much about the other side of my mom. Although she was a stay-at-home mom until my sister and I were in school, my mom also was one of the first women to get a business administration degree at her university and went back to work (part-time at first) when we were older. She also went to school to get her master's degree, and my dad watched us all summer while she lived in the dorm. If you have a feminist mom, you usually have a feminist dad, too!

My mom always taught me how important it is for women to have their own way of supporting themselves. And because she always balanced work and family so well, I have this great model in her for when I become a mom. My mom is a very nurturing person, a wonderful "Gram," and also one of the fittest women I know. (She works with a personal trainer now, which is why she looks skinnier than I am in the photo above--taken at the Stitches Midwest knitting convention.) She is very socialable, loves going to parties and giving them, and is known for her fun flavors of Jell-o shots (I'm not kidding.) She and my dad are adventurous travelers, and although we don't agree much politically, we did used to go to the School of the Americas protest together, where we were arrested by the U.S. Army.

So while my mom taught me to sew and knit and bake cookies, she also taught me to be my own person, for which I am most grateful.


Heidijayhawk said...

ok...this is just weird. what are the odds that 2 heidi's would have mom's named mary? your dad named dave by any chance? are we somehow living parallel lives. i have an awesome relationship with my mom as well. what a blessing.

Rebecca said...

What a wonderful tribute to your mother! She sounds awesome. Really.

I didn't know you went to Stitches. I almost went last year. Did you enjoy it?

linda t said...

What a beautiful post Heidi! I know I would really like your Mom! What an inspiring woman!

Sue said...

I am so grateful that you have such a loving, nurturing, positive influence in your life, Heidi. You are richly blessed.

Di said...

You and your mum sounds like great fun!! Great post on what your mum means to you!!