Saturday, August 04, 2007

Yellow and orange goodness

"Only when one is connected to one's core is one connected to others." (Anne Morrow Lindburgh, Gift From the Sea--one of my favorite books of all time)

Taking a break from the Encyclopedia of Me to share my "Bucket full of sunshine" yellow and orange swap goodies I received last week from Sarah of Misadventures of Mama and Jack. Sarah is a wonderful thrifter and paper crafter (among other things), so I wasn't surprised that her lovely swap package to me included things that feature both talents. (Also, in one of those great-minds-think-alike moments, we both sent each other a piece of Pyrex. See what I sent her here.)

These were among my favorite things in this swap and both are trimmed with wallpaper. (although the favorite has to be the vintage orange-flowered shelf trim. I swear my mom had some almost like this! It's still in the package, and I hate to open it, but I gotta use this somewhere.) As a writer, I appreciated the decorated journal and especially love the silver "H" for Heidi. And the little tin with wee goodies (glitter, buttons, ribbon): too adorable for words.

This is Sarah's handmade contribution. I'm going to guess at how she made it: The fabric flowers seem stiffened by something (glue? starch), then curled for a 3D effect. A button is sewed to the middle and they are grouped on a framed canvas. Very summery and fitting of the theme. Right now it's cheering up my office at work.

Thank you, Sarah, for the very thoughtful gifts. I can't wait to see what the next Sweet Goodness Swap is. Something fallish, I assume?
(Old) Movies to knit by: Above Suspicion (1943, with Fred MacMurry and Joan Crawford as spies in WWII Germany); Autumn Leaves (1956, with Joan Crawford and mentally ill husband); and Paris When It Sizzles (1964, William Holden as screenwriter with Audrey Hepburn).

(Encyclopedia of Me will return tomorrow with "D" is for ...)


Bee said...

Yay! Another Encyclopedia of Me person! I resisted looking at too many other people in case they influenced my choice for the letter but the couple I did look at including yours have all done totally different things. I'm thinking of something for 'D' now.

Lucy said...

Lots of fun goodies--love the trinket box and the journal. I've recently gotten back into writing in mine daily and have joined a few flickr groups about art journal.

As far as the next swap goes--Rebecca and I are toying around with three ideas--and your right--something, a small Christmas one to get everyone going on something pertaining to Christmas and then Rebecca has a special one she wants to start that's very different :) Just a few little carrots for ya....


Sarah and Jack said...

My poor bucket doesn't look like it made the journey very well! LOL

Amber said...

Hi--I'm checking on all the other Meme participants and found your blog...
Wonderful swap items you have here!