Sunday, September 16, 2007


"If you follow your heart, you're going to find that it is often extremely inconvenient." (Buddhist nun Pema Chodron)

We interrupt this Encyclopedia of Me game to bring you some finished knit objects--all for my former neighbor Leigh Ann, who is expecting in November. I'm going to her baby shower on Sunday.

I wanted to try knitting something with Lion Brand's cashmere blend because it is so soft (in cream because Leigh Ann doesn't know the gender), but at $9 a 84-yard skein, it's a bit expensive. So I decided to knit the smallest size of the Chunky Knit Cardigan from Simple Knits for Cherished Babies. It turned out very tiny! I'm sure this baby will wear this sweater once, if I'm lucky. Plus I didn't really love this pattern. I don't care for set-in sleeves to begin with, and these didn't fit perfectly.

I also made a boo-boo on the buttonholes, but these tiny glass pearl buttons are so small they fit through the knit. The hat has a K2P2 band. The booties are from a new pattern but I can't remember where I found it. They're supposed to be made in angora, in which case the squareness of the toe would be hidden a bit more. I learned a new technique with these: double knitting. Very cool! Anyone else ever done it?

The teddy bear is from some Polarspun yarn my Aunt Pat gave me, and now I know why she was getting rid of it (and why it's discontinued). It's awful to knit with, although the teddy bear is nice and soft. I knit a little scarf for him out of cotton. I hope Leigh Ann and her little one like these gifts. She had some trouble getting pregnant so I'm so excited that everything's going well with her pregnancy. I'll probably do a bigger sweater for her baby, once I know whether it's a girl or boy.

Movies to knit by: I watched a bunch of TCM movies while knitting this, as usual. My Netflix choices were Letters from Iwo Jima or Last King of Scotland (my husband is obviously a history buff), so I chose the latter because it didn't have subtitles. It was riverting (and Forest Whitaker was great) but gory. I guess I'll have nightmares about dead Ugandans instead of dead Japanese and Americans.


Anonymous said...

Cute stuff. You knit nicely. The party went fine.Brenda (Sean's wife) made just about all the food with help from her sister. Th weather was nice and sunny. Going home tomorrow.

Love, Mom

Lucy said...

Love the teddy bear even thought the yarn gave you trouble, it turned out delightful! :)

What a thrift haul you got the other day, I just breezed through the pictures and am totally jealous!!

Adrienne said...

OH what a beautiful set!!! Very lovely!

Sarah said...

It all looks so lovely! I'm hoping to knit some pretty little mittens soon for Christmas, like the ones you sent me last Christmas, I love them so much. They have been hanging on the handle of my china cabinet all year long! I love looking at them when i walk past!

Pame said...

Hi Heidi!!

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Rebecca said...

Wonderful gifts! The bear is so cute. :) Did you enjoy knitting with the Lion cashmere? i've been thinking of trying it but haven't because of the price. :)