Saturday, September 15, 2007


UPDATED: Blair from Wise Craft was sweet enough to email me a pdf pdq! Thanks, Blair. I should have leaves to show soon.

Remember last autumn when everyone was making those cool felt leaves garland? Well, I went to Martha Stewart's website and downloaded the pattern and printed it out--and now I seem to have misplaced it! And Martha no longer has it on her new site. Did anyone print it out and have a copy of it? I would be willing to trade something (a bag of lovely felt, some vintage wallpaper or wrapping paper? Name your poison!). I was all ready to make them tonight and after an hour of searching, I'm giving up and asking all of you. Help!


Sarah and Jack said...

There are good pictures of each individual leaf on Wise Craft, so what I would do is just google up leaf clip art, find those leaf shapes in clip art and make your own templates.

Sorry I dont have the original to help you with! (Maybe it was also in a magazine?)

Renee said...

Heidi, would you mind e-mailing me the pdf? I'd love to make these too. They're too cute!