Saturday, September 01, 2007

"O" is for organized

"It's life, Sidda. You just climb on the beast and ride." (Vivi Abbot in Divine Secrets of the Ya-ya Sisterhood by Rebecca Wells)

I like to think I'm organized because all my books are alphabetized by author and I have really cool closet organizers. But actually I'm really disorganized, which is why I need very good systems of organization or else I wouldn't be able to function. Does that make sense? Without my books alphabetized, I'd never be able to find one, and without my closet organizers, my closets would be stuffed with crap.

One of my favorite organizational systems is this filing system from The Container Store, which my sister bought for me after it changed her life. It's expensive ($30) but it's worth it, because once you organize all your financial and personal files with this system, you never will have to again. Believe me, I'm not being paid to hype this, but I really found it helpful.
Now if I could just do the same for my yarn stash.

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Heidijayhawk said...

organized? i am a bit, but ertainly wish i was more!!!