Friday, September 07, 2007

"R' is for Retro

"My life is my message." (Mahatma Gandhi)

I guess I've always been a little "retro." I've shopped through my grandma's stuff and worn her dresses from the 60s, and I love old movies, especially Doris Day. Connecting with other bloggers and thrifters has encouraged my "retro-ness" ("retrocity"?) My decorating style is more Pottery Barn with just a hint of retro mixed in.

These pillowcases are from a recent visit to Salvation Army. They make good linings for my purses, and I picture little girl dresses out of them someday.

Here's some stuff I found during a quick 10-minute dash into the Salvation Army in Rice Lake, Wisconsin when we were there for my cousin Tryn's wedding. I actually thrifted while wearing a black strapless dress! I found this slightly damaged chenille spread (for cutting up) for $1, some rickrack, plus this hand crocheted Barbie dress (also a $1). Inside the dress was a piece of masking tape with this written on it: "Great Grandma Madejski crocheted this dress in the year of 1960." Now, how could I not buy that!


Lucy said...

The Doll dress is precious! I'm glad you saved Grandma M's creation! You are true trooper, shopping in your dress---they must have thought, wow....this girl really likes to thrift getting all dressed up and all ;) OR, Man, this girl is a little off her rocker ;) J/K.

The big flowered pillowcases are funky, great finds!

Heidijayhawk said...

feelin the retro love. i have always loved my grandmother and everything about her world. the aprons and the dresses and the vinegar cruets and everything.

Katherine said...

For some reason, I find myself becoming more retro as the years pass, so I totally see why you picked up those lovely pillowcases. Wow! I've been looking for a chenille bedspread to refashion for quite awhile now... nice to know they're still out there. What a pretty crocheted dress for Barbie made by Grandma M. - nice to know it's being treasured in its new home. ;o) You made some sweet scores at the thrift store!

jungle dream pagoda said...

My "retrocity" has never needed encouragement,curtailing yes,encouragement no!I love that Joan Walsh Anglund fabric!

Thrifting in a black strapless dress? Been there!!