Friday, September 14, 2007

"T" is for thrifty

"We sit at the feet of the master, not to hear his pearls of wisdom, but to watch him tie his shoes." (Unknown)

Get ready for a photo-post. I'm going to share a bunch of thrifted stuff that I haven't unpacked, photographed or put away for weeks. It goes without saying that I'm thrifty, not only in my love of finding new uses for old things from thrift stores or garage sales, but also just all-around thrifty.

I always buy things on sale (if not on clearance) and generally am not impressed with brand names or designer things. Although I do have some brands I've come to love (Ann Taylor Loft petite clothes, for example) and find that it's "thriftier" to buy good quality things that last a long time. Still, one of the things I have learned from the craft blog community is the thrill of a thrifted find and then the joy of making something new from something old.

So here are my recent thrifted finds. First from the largest garage sale ever (at Lake Keesus), where I think I spent about $10 total for everything: (above) some old bingo cards and numbers, and this adorable vintage game (bought for the illustrations).

A plastic shoe box full of bias tape--more than 50 unopened packages in every color of the rainbow. I guess I won't need to buy bias tape for a long time!

An old pattern for a girls' jumper, an old Workbasket magazine, an old kids book with incredibly un-PC images of Africans, an old Betty Crocker cookbook, and some vintage Christmast coaster. I remember my parents having some of these paper kinds.

Finally, from the ginormous fabric pile (which was already pretty picked over): a strawberry print, a navy daisy print, and this cool print with brown and pink antique images on it. Not sure what to make of that. An apron?

This is from the St. Paul Savers I went to: these brand new, hand-woven linen towels. The tag says "Smoky Mountain Hand Weavers, Gatlinburg, Tenn." I got two small ones for 49 cents each, and a big one for $1.

And a hand-embroidered tea towel on very stiff fabric. I liked the tea pot design.

I have a lot of crafting planned for this weekend. And I'm going to Renegade! Will have a full report. Plus I have a bunch of FOs to share. I know some people are giving up on the Encyclopedia of Me game, now that we're approaching the hard letters! It was supposed to be done in a month, so I'm already two weeks behind, but I'll give it my best shot to finish it. I'll admit "X" and "Z" are going to be tough! Have a great weekend, everyone.


Heidijayhawk said...

what a great haul!!! so jealous of that fabric and bias tape!

Heidi said...

The pink & brown fabric is adorable! I think it would look great as an apron, trimmed with some brown bias tape from that box. Cute!

Sarah and Jack said...

Now *that* is a bias tape score! That stuff is so darn expensive to buy new and projects require so much of it.