Thursday, September 27, 2007

Three years ago Tuesday

"Perfect love casts out fear." (1 John 4:18)

We were both so busy that we forgot our anniversary until after lunchtime on Tuesday. But Ed got me flowers that night, and last night we went out to dinner at the Persian restaurant where our reception was held. Then we tried to watch our video, but the DVD has a problem. So we looked at the photos instead, and remembered what a beautiful day it was.

I loved getting married later in life. You so don't care about the silly parts of a wedding. I especially loved that I walked down the aisle with Ed. We were two adults making another step in our commitment to each other that day, not ontologically changing from single people to married people (a little theological term!). And the two did not become one. We're still two people.

Craft-wise, I made our invitations (stamped with a fall leaves theme) and stamped/painted terra cotta pots (again with fall leaves theme) for the centerpieces (the mum plants were $1.99!) and then stamped mini terra cotta pots and put fall-color foil-wrapped candy in them for favors. It was just enough to put a personal stamp on the day (no pun intended!) but not so much that I stressed out about making everything. I'll have to post photos of those someday since that was pre-Spiritual Knitter. My goal is to do our wedding scrapbook before we have kids!


Christy said...

Happy Anniversary! What a lovely photo. :)

Sue said...

Many blessings to you on your anniversary. As Blessed Mother Teresa said, "Intense love does not measure, it just gives." :-)

Lucy said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Love the photo as well.. I like what you say about the two of you are still two. I definitely think marriage should be complimentary of the individuals which make a stronger whole, rather than downplay the personalities of the individuals for the sake of becoming "one". I'm glad you both are so happy :)

Best wishes for many more anniversary celebrations!

catieann said...

happy anniversary!!
I can't tell you how many anniversaries we had to celebrate
late in our 36 yrs. the day does not matter so much as the ongoing
commitment to one another. And that is a reason to celebrate any time.

Pat K said...

A little late, but congratulations anyways! What a happy picture of you two.

Anonymous said...

Dear Heidi and Ed, it was a beautiful day. I remembered and thought this weekend when it was so beautiful that it was just like that when you got married. I remember going down Michigan Avenue carrying your veil!

Love, Mom

jungle dream pagoda said...

Happy anniversary! I love what you said about still being 2 people,and we also did some non traditional wedding things,but I'm still glad my daddy walked me down the aisle,for me it was a sentimental choice,but I also love the equality you chose!