Monday, September 17, 2007

"U" is for unstoppable

"Pain does not alter the beauty of life, the magnificence and mystery of life, and my gratitude for the mystery." (Alma Flor Ada, In Sweet Company)

I was thinking of all the "un"s I could use for "U": unusual, underdog, untidy (very untidy lately). But I decided on "unstoppable," because I think my tenacity is one my more prominent personality traits. It has its pros: I go after what I want. And it has its cons: Sometimes I don't know when to quit. But it has been a good quality as we go through the adoption process for the past two years. When it's something I really, really want, I never give up.

(No photo today, but a report on Renegade soon!)


Renee said...

That's a trait I've always admired in you Heidi, especially in matters pertaining to women and Church, etc. You are a real inspiration!

Mary Belle said...

Yes, as I recall you were unstoppable. Sometimes that was good--sometimes bad. Summer is back. It is 82 here today. There is a Milwaukee County Fair on Septmber 28-30 and I am thinking about entering some of my knitting. Will post my ribbons after the fair!

Love, Mom

Lucy said...

I can definitely see that trait in you, I admire it as well. The truth is, often our blessings are also our burdens but we are who we are :)