Sunday, September 23, 2007

"X" is for xtremely proud aunt

"I think we each have our own soul assignment, our own unique way of contributing to the world." (Episcopal priest Lauren Artress, In Sweet Company)

OK, so "X" is a bit of a stretch. But I'm not a xenophobe, so I didn't know what else to do. (Amy, I know you hated when people spell words wrong on purpose like this. Looks like it's someone else's pet peeve too.) Plus I wanted to mention some of the fun things I did this weekend. (And it's a good thing I did some fun things, since the stress level at work is getting ridiculous.)

On Saturday I spent the day in Aurora, with my sister's familily. My mom came down from Wisconsin, too. First we went to my nephew Jack's high school freshman football game. Unfortunately the Benet Academy Redwings lost their first game to Joliet Catholic. It was a closet game, though, with an exciting kick-off return for a touchdown. Jack had a QB sack.

Then in the evening we went out to dinner at a yummy Mexican restaurant (homemade salsa and guacamole made specially at your table). Then we headed over to the Riverfront Theater to see Night of the Living Dead: The Musical, which featured my nephew Kevin as a zombie. He said it was his favorite role ever (even though his only lines are to moan). He's quite the budding thespian, and I highly recommend the show if you're in the area. I laughed out loud--a lot.

I didn't get to hang out with my niece Clare that much, but she is an amazing gymnast. She showed me her round-off into back flip, which she makes look effortless.

A talented bunch of kids, those Manions.

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amyman said...

Auntie Heidi: You're the best aunt ever. Which makes sense I guess since you're the best sister ever! I was so glad you chose to spend part of your weekend with us. The weather was perfect, and it was just a great chance to spend a day together, even if it was a little jam-packed.--Amy