Thursday, October 18, 2007

Belated Blogger Action Day

"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children." (Native American proverb)

I'm a little behind for Blogger Action Day (it was Monday). The idea was for all bloggers to get behind one issue: the environment. Ed and I have tried to do a few things: change our lightbulbs, do lots more recycling, and live more simply. But the biggest environmental thing we did was live without a car for five years. We have a car now ($700 of repairs this week! Timing belt, water pump, and brakes). We hope to avoid being a two-car family, though it will depend--as it does for most people--on our jobs.

But the other big thing has been my shift--thanks to blog reading--to thrift shopping. I used to regularly go to Target and buy clothing, stuff for the house, etc. Now I buy things secondhand, in part to save money, but also in part because it feels right to reuse something rather than always buy new.

I also spend a lot less on craft supplies, now that I shop secondhand. While I'm not lucky enough to find yarn very often, I have become the queen of wool felt from recycled sweaters. I still make my purses (three of the latest ones pictured above) and found out today that a few have sold at an art galley in Indiana that has carried them since summer. Yea! They also were recently mentioned at this site.

I also applied for my first real craft show: the St. Nick's bazaar at my parish, St. Gertrude's in Chicago, in early December. More details if I get accepted, but meanwhile I'm working toward a goal of at least 50 purse for inventory by then. (I have about 20 now). I also would like to have something small,too--maybe an ornament.

And I'm still selling my felt scraps in my etsy shop, and recently started offering a smaller bag of smaller pieces for $3.99. (Those photos are of bags for sale in my shop now.) It's nice to help other crafters with their supplies, add a little cash to the adoption fund, and save some old, wool sweaters from a landfill.


Patsy said...

explain changing lightbulbs? for less light?
I do read your blog, I would like to sell on line, can't get started.

catieann said...

oh heidi
you have been busy and will even be busier making all those purses.
I hope you do get in to the bazaar.

I used to sell at craft shows and still have friends i made while selling them my handmade dolls.
Good luck!

Kathleen said...

If you want something quick and easy for your craft table, try these:

I made 65 of them on Saturday for my craft table and can easily make more...

Victoria said...

Yeah, it does feel right to reuse something rather than buy new, so true.