Monday, October 01, 2007

Fall camping

"[Autumn] is the season that teaches us that beginnings and endings are part of our experiences; though [it] represents the fulfillment of cycles, fulfillment must also bring ending." (Gary Schmidt and Susan M. Felch, Autumn: A Spiritual Autobiography)

I'm just back from a weekend of camping at Newport State Park at the very tip of Door County in Wisconsin (that's the peninsula that sticks out into Lake Michigan). This is the fourth year my husband and I have camped there; we backpack in about two miles to a pretty secluded site right on the water.

I'm calling this year "the year of no incident." The first year, I left out a pot of water one night, which attracted a raccoon, who charged our tent and scared the bejesus out of me so I couldn't sleep the rest of the night. Year Two brought the flood--nearly 2 inches of rain in the bottom of our tent. Last year we had a new, watertight tent, but I was up all night because of a huge thunderstorm, listening to trees being hit by lightening and falling not far off.

This year the wind the first night was pretty strong, and I imagined every little sound to be either a bear or a mass murderer coming to get us. But then I came upon a solution: earplugs! I slept well the second night.

I brought some knitting (will show that tomorrow) but also these little felt leaves that I cut out for a leaf garland that everyone was making last fall. I decided mine needed some embroidered "veins" in them, which means I'll be lucky to get my leaves up before fall is over. Actually, the embroidery is relaxing and pretty simple. I got five leaves done over the weekend.

It was a little chilly on Saturday, but I can't complain about the weather. We only had a little rain Saturday night. We got to our site in time to put the tent (most of it) up before dark Friday night, and had decent meals. One thing I like about camping is that we nap a lot. I was up early but took two naps on Saturday! Lake Michigan was very low; the water about 30-50 feet out from where it normally is. But the fall colors were almost peak and gorgeous. We saw a few more people than we usually do, including a young woman who was camping alone in the site near us. Now that's brave!


Sarah and Jack said...

We are taking Jack camping in the next few weeks, and I am totally chicken b/c of the mass murderers. I am glad to see I am not alone. LOL

Heidijayhawk said...

totally a camping chicken. happy anneversary by the way!!!

Heidi said...

Okay, I'm completely impressed that you went again after all those disasters. I might not have been able to do that. LOL Glad that this time your trip was relaxing and disaster-free (and DRY!):)

Rebecca said...

What a great trip! It looks so peaceful there. I have that felt leaf garland on my to-do list for this year also.

Happy Anniversary! That picture of you and Ed is divine!


Lucy said...

You're trip does look like a lot of fun. Relaxing and serene (and thank goodness no incidents)!

Love the felt leaves, very pretty :)

Eren said...

Love the veins you added on your great! And you are a real trooper to hang with the camping after all of that. And yes, Im praying this is the last couples camp you do for quite awile. Maybe the next one will be in a few years with little ones!!!