Tuesday, October 23, 2007


"Whatever God does, the first outburst is always compassion." (Meister Eckhart)

I just got home from two days in Indianapolis for work, a meeting of a subgroup of this professional organization my magazine belongs to. It's a nice group of editors, who are not surprised when I knit through the part of the meeting where we all go around and basically catch up. I'm getting close to finishing my second pair of socks.

Since I needed to get to Indy by Sunday night, I decided to leave a day early and spend some time with my friend Kristi, her husband, Brian, and their three kids (fourth on the way as you can see from the photo above), including my godson Silas. Kristi is a crocheter (is that a word?), so I made her model a baby blanket she's working on, though she still has to add the white ruffles. It's always great to see Kristi, and I really admire her and her husband as parents (well, for other things, too, but also as parents!)

On the way from South Bend to Indianapolis, I saw a sign for "Flea Market," so I stopped and it was quintessential Indiana (very rural, very low prices). I got all that thread at left for a quarter, the vintage Christmas cookie cutters for a quarter, four rolls of brown paper for a quarter each, and these eight vintage gold-trimmed bar glasses (with recipes for drinks like Singapore Slings on them) for $5. Rebecca can tell me if that's a deal, because I know she collects vintage barware. I'd like to someday too, but for now this is it.

There also was yarn buying in South Bend, which I'll share at a later date. The scenery on the drive was so pretty (we just aren't having good colors in Chicago this year). I tried to take some pictures from the car while driving (see that truck bearing down on me in my rear view mirror. Yikes!) I also had a wonderful meal of Asiago-encrusted scallops and warm pear bread pudding with caramel for dessert at a restaurant in downtown Indianpolis called Palomino. Anyone ever been there? I guess it's a Midwestern chain. Yummy.

Good to be home, though. Ed had the guys over to watch football while I was gone (Those darn Bears. I can't believe they beat Philly in the last seconds like that!) But you could hardly tell he had anyone over, the place is so clean. I'm married to the best man ever.


VaxGirl said...

Fabulous glasses! I love the stuffed pumpkins and the knitted mystery object too! I feel the same way about Halloween because well, how did it evolve from kids wearing costumes & trick-or-treating to a full blown giant-inflatable-lawn-ornament-extravaganza???

catieann said...


jungle dream pagoda said...

I have been to Palomino in both Indy and dallas! it actually started in Dallas in the early 90's,I used to know the origins,but I forget! One of the things I miss most about Indy( i lived there for 3 yrs in Broadripple)is the thrift stores!!!!!!!

Heidijayhawk said...

sounds like an awesome weekend! and a meeting you can knit through is my kind of meeting!

Rebecca said...

Love the glasses! I definately think $5 for 8 glasses is a steal. I love the ones with the gold accents, that stuff ages well and the drink recipes are very kitchy I think. Now you need an ice bucket! You know I'll be hunting one down for you, right? :) Your trip sounds like a blast! Wish I mad meetings that I could knit through part of. Mostly I just yawn. ;)