Monday, October 29, 2007


"I think it's a basic truism of our species that we grow to the extent that we can participate in other people's growth." (Miram Polster, In Sweet Company)

I sent out a bunch of packages last week, and I think everyone has received them now, so I can post this photo of a finished felt pumpkin. I made eight of them, from various colors of orange and rust-colored felt from recycled sweaters. I used a conglomoration of these two patterns. I sent one to my Sister Swap partner, one to each of the swap organizers, one to my mom, and one to my sister. I kept a couple for myself!

In I'm-getting-old news, I think I'm getting arthritis in my fingers already (I'm 43). A physical therapist doing free massages at my health club suggested soaking in epsom salts, so that's what I'm doing tonight. (I found some nice lavender epsom salts at Walgreens.) I have some pain in my knuckles, plus they're starting to look a little bigger. I can't be having senior citizens' diseases before I get my children!

Mom and Amy, do you remember this saying that Uncle Fran used to say all the time?


Anonymous said...

Definitely! I can even picture him holding one of you on his lap and that sparkle in his eyes when he talked to you. He was so much like my dad.

Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the pumpkin. I love it. Did you see the picture of it with the hats? It is just the right size to put next to the ghosts. Thanks also for the caramel apple candy corn. It is addictive.

Packers win! They are 6-1.

Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi: Of course I remember Uncle Fran's saying--and I've taught it to my kids. Do you remember the other saying? I can't remember how it starts, but the ending parts goes "I looked at him. And he looked at me. I picked up a stone and threw it at him and he said "Uh-uh-uh! Don't you do that again!" I also love my punkin! Thanks so much for it. Boy that was an exciting, overtime Packer win. Hail to St. Brett! Love, Amy

Di said...

The pumpkins are beautiful!! I love the colour orange and pumpkins are therefore a big favourite!! I hope all the swap people liked them!

Rebecca said...

Thank you so much for sending me a punkin! (and a make my own leaf garden kit!!!) I love it, and appreciate your thinking of me. :)