Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Support our troops--with seed stitch

"When you are no longer aware of your true nature, you feel threatened by anyone or anything that is different from you; so, in an attempt to restore your own balance, you make others wrong or the world broken." (Native American author Twylah Hurd Nitsch)

So here's what I was knitting around the campfire (see last year's similar photo here): a scarf for soldiers going to Afghanistan. Most people who know me know that I vehemently opposed this war (well, any war actually), but I think it's unfair to say that peace protesters don't support the troops. It's their lives we're worried about!

So I decided to join my mom in knitting these scarves out of Lion Brand Homespun in Rococco and Bernat Camouflage in Sand (Bernat has some new soy, bamboo, and organic cotton yarns I'd like to try). The pattern is simple: Cast on 15 stitches and do seed stitch (K1, P1) until it's about 40ish inches. You should get two scarves out of the two skeins. I made my first scarf too long, so will have to frog part of it to use the yarn to make the second one long enough. I love the look of seed stitch, but it's rough on my wrists. I don't wrap my yarn around my finger (I hang onto it) so the switch back and forth from knit to purl is not that smooth. Oh well.

A few more camping photos: See the wind blowing our tent? And that was after we moved the whole thing to a more protected section of the site. My sweetie (below) packing our packs. He carried all the heavy stuff. Still, I felt it in my hips when I walked with my pack. I'm getting old! Plus it made me realize the strain on my body if I were carrying 30 extra pounds of weight.

We keep thinking this will be out last year of camping for awhile because babies and backpacks don't mix too well. This year better be our last year.


Sarah and Jack said...


You might be surprised though, even small toddlers love, love going outside, digging in the dirt, finding rocks, etc. I know lots of folks who camp with even tiny babies. (We only didn't because Jack is not a good sleeper, otherwise we would have been doing it all along.)

Eren said...

Love, love your scarf!!! And we have a good friend who has been a recipient of a similar scarf. He loves it because his mother who passed away was a big knitters. So, receiving something like that while in "the sandbox" was a very moving thing.

Thank you Heidi!

pudge's girl said...

good for you on opposing war and supporting our troops. It is not a dichotomy. I too would like to knit the scarves. What size needle do you use?

Thanks in advance, Mary