Friday, October 12, 2007

Swapping for Sam and Sophie

"Run through the day with wild abandonment. ..but don't carry scissors." (Rufus Radiflorius)

We cleaned out the study/nursery last weekend to make room for company (Jenny and Jon from California here for the St. Clement's young adult reunion). Then this week I got more stuff to put in it. This adorable wooden puzzle arrived all the way from Australia, courtesy of the generous Shopping Sherpa.

Look at the cute fabric she wrapped it in! She also included some yummy candy, most of which I've already eaten. In exchange, I sent her some Martha Stewart Halloween stuff from Michaels, a felt bookmark, some sewing magazines, and some fabric.

Sam and Sophie's bookshelves are getting full, thanks to Catie, my partner in the Vintage Storybook and Bookmark swap. She sent me this fun one from 1976... these two that address my desire for books with people of color in them...

Plus a bunch of Golden Books. At left are the two adorable bookmarks she made--one for Sam and one for Sophie, each decorated with their name and lots of little doo-dads

Then she stuffed the rest of the box with lots of vintage stuff: some embroidered pillowcases and two aprong (love that print at left), some Holly Hobbie gift wrap, some ads from a women's mag from 1919 and another little book.

Finally, some thrifted goodies: a whole bag of jewelry bits and bobs, plus the squares for an entire lilac flannel quilt. I've always wanted to try quilting and this would help me skip the whole cutting step.
Thanks to both of you for helping us get ready for our little ones!


melissa said...

what lovely stuff! i think that one of the best things about having new children is sharing the excitement and joy with others.

and i love that vintage book by fujikawa- we have the same one- the illustrations are amazing!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Wow! It must have felt like Christmas! (Oh - without the "eating too much and fighting with your family" part, of course!)

I'll let you know when your package arives down under and in the meantime will keep an eye out for books for you:-)

Rebecca said...

Such wonderful swap goodies! I love that sewing puzzle!

Can't wait to see your future quilt :)

catieann said...


you are so welcome! There is nothing like preparing for children. You are in my prayers for that every day!

Creative Genius? said...

ok i am a little behind on my blog reading - but wanted to say that my FAVORITE book as a kid was the "oh what a busy day" book!!!