Monday, November 05, 2007

Camp name: Knitter

"All serious daring starts from within." (Harriet Beecher Stowe)

I went camping again with my niece's Girl Scout troop again this past weekend. Last May I accompanied my sister, the troop leader, and about 12 girls. We stayed in tents, boiled water to was dishes, and peed in a latrine. This time there were only 7 girls, we stayed in a cabin, but still had to go in the latrine.

I showed up dressed in a vintage G.S. sash and hat (found at an estate sale and destined for ebay). That's me with my niece, Clare. I also was in charge of keeping the wood stove going to heat the cabin. It was actually pretty toasty, except first thing in the morning since the only person who stoked the fire during the night was my sister, who was up with a puking Girl Scout. Too many s'mores, I guess.

I finished my first pair of socks during the three skits the girls put on during the evening. Will post them soon! Ialso worked on a baby afghan, which now has that campfire smell.


Anonymous said...

Boy, does Troop 882 love Knitter! I'm so glad you came again. For your crafty friends: we made camp shirts again. I got this idea from Family Fun magazine. I used a potato to make "faces" in the appropriate skin tones for each girl ahead of time. Then at a meeting I brought lots of fabric paints. The girls added hair, eyes, mouths, glasses, etc. to their face and then put their camp name below their portrait on each shirt. Now each girl has a neat memento of our camping trip. Love, Amy

Anonymous said...

Boy, I loved those days--especially with the puking girl scouts. Now you know why I only did it one year.

Love, Mom

Di said...

Sounds like a fun weekend was had by all! I remember girl scout camping in the pouring rain, tents being blown away during the night and lots of wearing of wellington boots!!

f. pea said...

You are a natural in that vintage Girl Scout gear!

Anonymous said...

cute picture. hope you will soon have your own daufgter to go camping with. Patsy

VaxGirl said...

Oh gosh, what fun!