Friday, November 23, 2007

Plan B

"Thanksgiving beckons us with open minds and heart, offering the chance to find something in common and to hold hands, one with another, in appreciation of all that we have been given." (Sir John Templeton)

I was all excited to host Thanksgiving this year. Ed's brother, his wife, and baby were all set to arrive late Wednesday night when we learned Wednesday morning that Kremena, his wife, was sick. Good thing I hadn't completely cleaned my house yet! So Ed and I threw the turkey in the car and headed to Wisconsin to have a last-minute Thanksgiving with my parents, who were going to have been alone. We just beat the snow. How nice to wake up to a blanket of white on Thanksgiving morning.

My dad made his famous stuffing; I did the Brandied Sweet Potatoes (yes, you heard that right: Wisconsinites like brandy in everyithing!), the cranberry orange relish and two pumpkin pies, and my mom made the turkey and gravy. We cheated with instant mashed potatoes and skipped the green veggie. It was simple, but nice.
Right after dinner my dad left to go hunting up north, and my mom and I curled up on the sofa with our knitting and watched movies. (Ed was there too, but he wasn't knitting.) First was Akeelah and the Bee (very good), then The Greatest Show on Earth on TMC (1952), which was appropriate because I'm reading Water for Elephants (also about the circus).
I'm knitting Christmas gifts so won't be able to show all of them, but I have some other FOs to share this weekend, and many in progress. I'm also cranking out purses and some felt ornaments for our parish craft fair. More details about that to follow.


Anonymous said...

The frost is really on the pumpkin in that one! Had a great time. Thanks for coming for Thanksgiving. Ed, thanks for teaching me to play Gin on the computer. I won two games tonight (do you think I might have been playing against a six-year-old?). I'm heading for Craft Fair USA at State Fair park tomorrow. Just need a couple of things.

Love, Mom

Di said...

Happy Thanksgiving Heidi! I am glad that you made it to your parents!

Lucy said...

Happy Thanksgiving :)

Simple is good sometimes, it all looks delish. We had 11 and I made wayyyy to much food, it's almost shameful! I have difficulty narrowing down the recipes as it all sounds so good to try.

My simple but winning dish was green beans with honey and dried cranberries--it was easy and just right with the sweet and sour elements.

Rebecca said...

That sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving and I hope your sister-in-law is feeling better!

Brandied sweet potatos sound yummy! I put bourbon in mine. Guess it's the difference between north and south LOL. I will say that I was a bit too heavy handed with the rum and totally wrecked the bread pudding. Oy. Thank goodness for Mrs. Smith frozen pies! :)
Can't wait to see some of the knitting projects you can share!