Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thrifty finds

" 'A great event is coming, bow down.' / And I, always looking for something anyway; / always bow down." (Poet William Stafford, "Things That Happen")

I haven't done a post about my thrifty finds lately. I've been trying to hold off on too many trips to the thrift store, since our house is getting too full! I've been doing some sorting and donating too. I try to never arrive at the thrift store without a donation too!

I've found some nice kids' clothes lately, even though I've stopped looking for Sam or Sophie. But my sister-in-law told me to keep an eye out for the style of stuff she likes (no pink or lace!) for her daughter. That striped outfit (new with the tags still on) in the middle is destined for Elena, if it still fits. The mushroom jacket is from Gymboree and like new. I'm keeping that for Sophie (it was $4). The boys' striped shirt was only 10 cents! And I just couldn't pass up the handknit doll, even though she's from very acrylic yarn.

Here's my latest finds from the linen department (sorry for the bad light): some red fabric, cool vintage Christmas fabric, a very dressy taffeta apron with gold rick-rack, and a brown tie (for purse handles). I also found this new, red metal canister with a glass lid. It's already been put to use for sewing storage (it's full of spools of thread).

I've got some finished objects to show soon! And some good news, which I may not be able to share for awhile (not adoption related. Don't get too excited).


Victoria said...

That knitted toy up there is wonderful. My kids love the knitted toys I've found in the opshop over the last few years. Haven't seen any for quite a long time and I suspect the people who sort everythig out before putting it on the shelves are throwing out any knitted toys that come in! It's a worry!

Sarah and Jack said...

Oh, I love that Christmas fabric. I haven't ever come across an actual piece of vintage Christmas fabric yet.

(And the mushroom jacket! I didn't know there were gymbo mushrooms.)

Di said...

You got some good things there!! I like the mushroom jacket and can understand why you won't be parting with it!!