Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas (#1) in Aurora

"Mary was the first one to carry the gospel, when the angel brought the news of that precious little boy. Mary was the first one to carry the gospel, and that news brought joy, sweet joy." (New second-favorite Christmas carol, sheet music here, video here)

Found the camera. Here are some shots from our first family Christmas, Dec. 24-26, with my family at my sister's house out in the Chicago suburbs. Don't my nephews and niece (ages 10, 12, and 15) look nice posing with their grandparents in front of the tree?

Here is that "mystery gift" I was so busy making the week before Christmas. It's the Jesse Tree that my sister and her husband designed and made for me several years ago. When she gave it to me, she remarked that she regretted that she hadn't made one for herself (there should be a term for that feeling--"craft envy"?). So I copied her pattern and made one for her family and one for my parents.

It's all out of felt (acrylic) but I got so frustrated with the gluing on the main part of the thing that I decided to handsew the ornaments instead of glue them. Great idea, but that's what slowed me down so much. For those not familiar with a Jesse Tree, it's an Advent calendar that traces the family tree of Jesus with stories from the Old Testament each day. (Each pocket has a laminated card with the Bible story.) You can see ornaments for Moses (Ten Commandments), Daniel (lion), Noah (ark) and Adam and Eve (Serpent with apple) at left. My sister designed this because there was no pattern out there, so I may put this together and offer it for sale.

Another last-minute crafted gift was this yarn wreath for my Mom. Isn't it adorable? And a great way to use up those leftover balls in your stash. I got the idea from Dottie Angel, and added the bow and a ribbon loop rather than the wire loop (after tucking the wire ends into the yarn balls). I plan to make one for myself but haven't decided the color scheme yet. The blues should match my mom's sewing room. Sorry for the bad photo; there's a better one, plus a how-to tutorial at the link above. My only additional advice is to make sure the yarn ends are good and tucked in.

Since I'm still in Philly I can't post photos of my wonderful gifts yet, but one was a ski trip with my family to Granite Peak in Wisconsin when we get back. Non-stop fun.

(Note to self: Laminating was $52 from Kinkos: 8 Cutting per cut: 11.92; 5 lam Pouch 8.5x11: $12.45; and 50 LF Lam Roll Trim: $25)


Sarah and Jack said...

Happy New Year!

That wreath is awesome.

Heidi said...

Love that yarn wreath! So, SO cute. The Jesse tree is really interesting--I've never heard of one before and I enjoyed learning about it. That was a lot of hand-sewing for you! Whew.