Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas (#2) in Philadelphia

"City sidewalks, busy sidewalks, dressed in holiday style. In the air there's a feeling of Christmas." (Silver Bells)

We made it safely and healthily to Philadelphia on the 27th to celebrate our second Christmas with Ed's family. We flew out between the two bad weather delays and had a very smooth trip. That's us in downtown Philly having just visited the Mutter Museum, a medical oddities collection that includes a lot of skulls, skeletons and a constipated colon that contained 40 pounds of feces. Nothing says Christmas like organs in formaldehyde.

I will share some of the awesome gifts I've received later (we seem to have either left our camera at home or lost it) but I can report on my Christmas crafting, which is still in progress as New Year's approaches. If you remember list, I was planning to make almost all my gifts this year. Here's how it turned out:
  1. 2 pairs of socks (with worsted weight yarn) - One done and sent off with Ed's brother Tom. One left to go for Ed's dad. (Modeled above by Tom with "Big Ed" and my Ed watching the Flyers in the background.
  2. 2 pairs of mittens - One done and felted for Ed's mother; one half done for Ed's sister.
  3. 1 hat - Finished on the plane and given to my sister-in-law.
  4. 1 pair baby socks - Didn't happen. Gave her a book instead.
  5. 2 mystery non-knit gifts - The reason I was behind on everything else. Finished the day before Christmas Eve and given to my sister's family and my Mom and Dad. See my mom's photo here.
It's been fun here because the first and only Butler grandchild so far, Elena (pictured above with her mother wearing the aforementioned hat) has been keeping us all busy and entertained. She just turned one in early December and is almost walking and has this lovely high-pitched screech. She's a real cutie!
We will be attending a wedding of one of Ed's friends tonight, then a low-key New Year's. I took an extra day off so we don't have to fly home till the 2nd. I know some people are already taking down their Christmas stuff, getting organized for the new year, and planning Valentine's Day crafts, but I like my Christmas to last to Epiphany, so I've got at least another week to go!

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Anonymous said...

Elena is darling. I bet Ed's mom and dad are having a great time with her. I am keeping up my Christmas decorations until we get back from the Christmas gift ski trip. Greetings to the Butlers.

Love, Mom