Sunday, December 16, 2007

Have a very knitty Christmas

"Knitting is a distinct virtue. It's reflective and repetitive. Whenever you are engaged in doing a purely repetitive thing, your mind can reflect upon life." (Archbishop of Canterbury Geoffrey Fisher, 1945-61, quoted in Knitting: History, Fashion, and Great Knitting Yarns)

Has everyone seen the adorable knitted Christmas stamps the Post Office came out with? Too bad we're not sending Christmas cards this year. Ed and I decided we just couldn't do the "no kids yet" message for the third year in a row. I guess NPR had something on Christmas letters on this morning. Our family does Christmas letters, and most people enjoy them. It's true that many are poorly written (and long!), and don't even get me started about writing in all caps on dark red paper! I've tried to make mine more of a reflection/essay in past years, and have included a prayer or quote, too. But this whole adoption mess has taught me that we have to take care of our own hurt hearts when necessary. Even when it means bailing on a tradition for one year. We hope to have some better news later in the year.

Anyway, back to knitting: This year we're trying to be frugal with our Christmas gifts, and to include some type of giving of ourselves in them, too. So there will be lots of handmade this year (and some gift certificates of our time). I can't give away the details since many gift recipients read this blog, but here's some generalities for my to-do list.
  1. 2 pairs of socks (with worsted weight yarn)
  2. 2 pairs of mittens
  3. 1 hat
  4. 1 pair baby socks
  5. 2 mystery non-knit gifts

So far I have one sock and one pair of mittens done, and the mystery gifts begun. So I have my work cut out for me. But I have the craft fair and the mailed gifts all done, and I have a husband who is helping out with everything else this year (meals, shopping, laundry, cleaning). So I'm not feeling too stressed. Plus, we don't go to Philadelphia until the 27th, so I have a few extra days for gifts for Ed's family.

Other December knitting: a super soft scarf in Moda Dea Eden (in a color called Apple, but that is really more like burgandy) for my friend Kristin, who just turned the big 4-0! I knit it during the slow times at the craft fair. I'm babysitting Kristin's baby, Lincoln, today, and also will get to spend some quality time with him and her when I accompany them on a trip to Florida to visit her parents over Martin Luther King weeknd. Now that's something to look forward to: leaving Chicago in January for the Florida beach!


flanthrower said...

I really do hope you guys have better news to share soon. I too am waiting for some (hopefully) good news and have decided not to send out any Christmas cards this year. Trying to avoid all the questions of "have you heard back yet?" so it will be a small and intimate Christmas of just immediate family and a few very close friends. Lots of handmade gifts for me as well this year. But just two more knit hats and then I'm done!

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Anonymous said...

What is it with this "burgandy" color that you and Aunt Pat see? I thought it was "burgundy" like the wine. I have been using the Christmas stams for my knitting people.
Love, Mom