Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I'll have a flu Christmas

Sorry I haven't been around to say Merry Christmas to you all. Hope you had a wonderful holiday with your families. We postponed our plans to go to my sister's by one day, as my husband was still recovering from a three-day bout with the flu. It gave me one extra day to finish some of my Christmas crafting, which I definitely needed.

We had a really nice Christmas Eve with Mass, tree decorating, some present opening, then a nice Christmas day with more present opening and a visit to the Uzbeckistani refugee family we know, but just before my sister's fancy steak and lobster dinner, I started feeling sick. I don't think I had what Ed had, because I felt better the next day, though I'm still a little cautious with my stomach.

We're hoping for good health from here on in, since we're flying to Philadelphia tomorrow to be with Ed's family and attend a friend's wedding on the 30th. I'm still knitting some gifts for them, and will post more from there. Merry Christmas!

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